Machine Learning Study Jam Week 1 ( August 04 2018)

Study Jam Poster by Yadev Jayachandran

Before we start, a brief intro about the people who made this possible.

  1. Kerala AI Initiative
    An organization that aims to develop a strong AI research community in Kerala.
  2. GDG-Cochin
    Our partner for outreach and event management. An active GDG community for many past years.
  3. -AI Saturdays
     Known as AI6, it is a structured study group organized in 50+ cities across the globe,and is community-driven.
  4. NASSCOM Kochi Office & Startup Warehouse
    Our venue partner who provided us with a good space, equipment and even refreshments for the participants ,free of cost.

The response to the application for the study jam was more than expected and we had to close the applications 3 days after opening . The selection was based on a simple coding challenge in python. The selection had to done manually by going through the code ( if you know how boring that is).
An automated system was developed the following night to handle this.

Introduction to Machine Learning by Fariz Rahman

The session took off with a general intuitive intro to machine learning by Fariz Rahman (he is the #2 contributor to Keras and currently working at skymind on deeplearning4j and Founder of kerala AI Initiative ).

Week 1 session by Gopikrishnan Sasikumar and Akshay Dev.

It was carried on wonderfully by Gopikrishnan Sasikumar and Akshay Dev , they guided the students smoothly into the concepts of machine learning.The content for the first week session can be found here in our GitHub repo.

The group of people who appeared for the study jam is one of the best I have seen in many years, eager to learn and full of doubts. This was one of those crowds that motivates the instructors to teach even better. The session went on from 10 am to 1:30 pm with a small tea break in between (our venue partner is awesome as I mentioned earlier).

And of-course this blog wouldn't be complete without thanking the guy who found the venue partner and handled our outreach , the one and only Muhammed Shibin (the terms GDG-Cochin and Shibin are interchangeably used in some parts of Cochin).

Blog for week 2 coming soon……

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
V Mohammed Ibrahim
COO , Kerala AI Initiative.