SHRM Talent Conference survey results

Brian Lee Yung Rowe
Apr 25 · 2 min read

Pez.AI conducted a short survey at our booth during the SHRM Talent Conference in Nashville. We compiled the responses from our survey on how organizations are using AI in HR now and their plans for the future.

Our biggest takeaway from the survey is that there needs to be more awareness and education around what AI has to offer professionals in the HR space. To raise awareness, this blog will focus on how we imagine AI can transform the workplace and how it’s transforming ours. Specifically, we’ll be writing about our experience

  • hiring using our chatbot that conducts structured interviews;
  • facilitating talent development using chatbot;
  • managing software development projects using chatbot;
  • facilitating performance reviews using chatbots.

We’ll also be writing about how to think about AI and how to best to leverage AI solutions. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss or learn more!

Download the survey slides here.

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Brian Lee Yung Rowe is founder and CEO of Pez.AI, creator of Just Interview Me, a chatbot that conducts structured interviews with candidates, saving hours of valuable time while removing sources of unconscious bias. Learn more at

AI Workplace

How AI will change the way we work

Brian Lee Yung Rowe

Written by

Founder & CEO of Pez.AI // Making human interaction more meaningful with chatbots and data science

AI Workplace

How AI will change the way we work

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