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May 26 · 2 min read

Doug Raymond is the General Manager of Semantic Scholar at the Allen Institute for AI. Follow Doug on Twitter.

With the recent announcement that Microsoft Research will stop supporting updates to the Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG) at the end of 2021, many in the community have asked how this news will impact Semantic Scholar.

Doug Raymond is the General Manager of Semantic Scholar at AI2.

Semantic Scholar has been a frequent research collaborator with Microsoft Research since our founding in 2015. We established a formal partnership with Microsoft Research in 2018 to collaborate on open science, and with the support of our partnership have expanded the coverage of Semantic Scholar to 194 million papers and more than 2 billion citations.

As a part of the Allen Institute for AI, we are a non-profit research institution funded through Paul Allen’s estate to develop AI for the common good. Support for open science and the provision of open and free resources to the global research community is core to our mission. We currently release our corpus as open source here: Open Research Corpus and offer programmatic access through our API. CORD-19, a subset of our corpus containing 280,000 scholarly articles about the novel coronavirus, has been accessed hundreds of thousands of times by the global research community.

Semantic Scholar’s knowledge graph includes papers indexed from more than two dozen direct partnerships with the top academic publishers as well as additional paper metadata collected through our web crawling infrastructure and data partnerships. We believe it will be a useful resource for many looking for an alternate source of data provided through the MAG and we intend to continue to invest in making it a more comprehensive, trustworthy, and authoritative resource for open science in the years to come.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out at

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