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Our new Research Dashboard uses state-of-the-art AI to recommend the right papers

Matt Latzke
Oct 13 · 3 min read
Abstract illustration of the Semantic Scholar Research Dashboard interface

Semantic Scholar aims to empower scholars to discover and understand scientific literature most relevant to their work. Today, we’ve taken another step in that by improving the way you create, manage, and view your research feeds with our newly updated Research Dashboard.

Earlier this year, we improved our Library feature by adding folders and the ability to bulk export citations. Our ongoing user research found that while users liked to use folders to organize papers, they didn’t want to maintain a separate list for research feeds. So, we’ve simplified creating and curating research feeds by basing them on the folders in your Library. What about your old research feeds? Don’t worry. We’ve migrated all existing research feeds to folders in your Library so you won’t miss a beat.

A Smarter Way to Stay Up to Date

“I don’t want to add papers to my Library and again to a Research Feed. It’s the same work twice. It’d be nice if I could create a Research Feed from my existing Folders. I’d like to click one button and get a Research Feed for all of the papers in a Folder.”

Now you can turn on recommendations for any folder in your Library. The papers you save within folders are positive signals, and the more papers you save to a folder, the better your recommended papers will be. Semantic Scholar uses a state-of-the-art paper embedding model trained using contrastive learning to find papers similar to those in each library folder.

Save time by viewing all of your recommendations on one screen

More innovative features coming soon

Be on the lookout for more improvements in the future; we have some exciting features in the works! We expect recommendations to get even better when we launch an improved paper-similarity model, which uses an even model citation network structure to understand the deep content in each paper.

If you would like to be a part of what we’re making, be sure to sign up for our beta program. We’re constantly conducting ongoing user research.

These updates are now available to all Semantic Scholar users by signing in and visiting So bookmark it, and come back often to see your new recommendations!

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