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Bring AI4ALL Open Learning into your community and change who can be a leader in AI

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3 min readOct 8, 2019


Artificial intelligence is going to impact every field, every profession, and every industry in some way. In fact, 85% of Americans are already using AI products regularly, whether or not they know it. Although AI is shaping the future, very few K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations teach or are equipped to teach AI. In fact, only 45% of high schools around the US teach computer science, and only 26% of high-poverty high schools offer computer science.

That’s why we’re launching AI4ALL Open Learning today. AI4ALL Open Learning is a free, project-based AI education program, facilitated by community members, that gives students the tools to solve problems they care about using AI. The program is designed to equip educators and community members to empower high school students who are underrepresented in AI with relevant and approachable AI education. The curriculum focuses on social impacts and AI ethics and allows students to see how AI connects to other issues and subjects they care about. AI4ALL Open Learning is designed to be used by educators in their classrooms, clubs, and workshops.

We believe that by giving more people access to quality, social impact-focused AI education, we will enable: expanded opportunities for young people, better AI that more effectively represents the needs of diverse users, more AI-powered tools for social good, and better business results for technology companies that embrace diverse technologists and AI leaders.

Schools and organizations that are leading the way

Eight high schools and community-based organizations around the US have been tapped by AI4ALL to receive Get Started Grants. Get Started Grantees receive funding and hands-on support from AI4ALL to launch an implementation of the Open Learning program at their school or community-based organization, leading the way for schools and organizations around the US and around the world. These sites include:

  • Girl Scouts Council of Northeast Texas (Dallas, TX)
  • Montour School District (McKees Rocks, PA)
  • National Society of Black Engineers Jr. Bay Area Chapter (Oakland and Pittsburg, CA)
  • Oakland Unity High School (Oakland, CA)
  • Stockton Unified School District (Stockton, CA)
  • Washington Leadership Academy (Washington, DC)
  • West Middlesex Jr/Sr High School (West Middlesex, PA)
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy (Fort Worth, TX)

How to bring AI4ALL Open Learning to your school or organization

AI4ALL Open Learning is freely available to any interested high school or community-based organization. The program can be accessed here. On the platform, you’ll find:

  • The ExploreAI curriculum, which is an introductory AI course for high schoolers that does not require learners or facilitators to have any AI or computer science experience.
  • Multiple learning plans that help facilitators adapt content to time available and provide guidance on how to run the program as part of a course, an afterschool club, or a workshop series.
  • An expansive set of facilitator resources
  • Forums to engage in online discussion and ask the AI4ALL team questions

The program is open to everyone. We particularly welcome underrepresented students who may identify with one or more of the following groups:

  • Young women and non-binary students
  • LGBTQIA students
  • Students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in AI
  • Students from lower-income backgrounds

Facilitators for the program will ideally be high school teachers or community-based organization staff who serve students that are underrepresented in AI. Facilitators do not need experience with AI, though they should have:

  • Commitment to inclusion
  • Interest in learning alongside students
  • Ability to run the program as part of a class, afterschool club, or workshop series

Neither facilitators nor learners need to have prior AI or computer science experience to participate in AI4ALL Open Learning’s ExploreAI course.

Partners and sponsors make it possible

AI4ALL Open Learning is made possible thanks to substantial support from We are also grateful for the support of others including EY and Capital One.

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AI4ALL is a US nonprofit working to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence.