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During the spring 2019 AIAR has delivered on exactly all six main targets, the corporate, the innovation, the prototype, the growth hacking the financing, and the setup for the last tech development, now making us ready to kickstart the last innovation before launch :) ;-) :-D

Spring 2019 — The Runway to Action

ROCK SOLID SETUP: After the founders having set up HQ in Singapore, and CEO assessed over 150 developers in SEA, meeting with 16 and negotiation with 5, we recruited the best dev team in SEA situated in Da Nang, and the best CM setup in Cebu city.

MARKET LEADING INNOVATION: Based on big data and responses in 165 countries from the world leading PoC, together with the conceptual direction developed in close cooperation with global hi-tech team at IBM, we have then been intensively occupied in handcrafting the innovations behind the prototype for the NexGen of mobile learning in the world.

HIGH-FIDELITY PROTOTYPE: The prototype was developed nitty gritty with 353 confluence slides for tech spec and 84 screens for UX/UI, resulting in a totally reinvented learning appearing more like social media and gaming than traditional, boring education, complemented with hi-tech AI and blockchain for customization and security.

DISRUPTIVE DISTRIBUTION: Parallel to this we have been engaging in vivid discussions with partners for growth hacking with disruptive distribution of this game changing learning product for some of the most interesting of emerging markets. Even before product fully developed, we have signed contracts for 0,5 million students in Ghana, backed up by the ministry of education and 25 universities — with 0,5 million and 3 million more from Botswana and Nigeria in pipeline. To that we have later closed contract with one of the states in the world’s largest market for education, India, where we are guaranteed direct access to 40 million consumers. Adding to this we are now in extensive talks with partners within everything from transportation and ride-hailing to meeting places, with digital distribution ranging from 150–200 million consumers — i.e. more to come.

FULLY FUNDED TECHNOLOGY: During all this we have also been occupied in intense dialogue with investors, successfully closing the last round with strong backup from half a dozen new owners from Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bahrain and Dubai — with the last part of the tech now being fully funded and a new board to be constituted.

LAST DEVELOPMENT KICKED OFF: With the tech funding fully closed, we have today finally recruited the whole development team, now as before consisting of front-end team in Da Nang, from today the backend in Ho Chi Minh and CM in Cebu City — with onboarded CM a total dream team of 27. All with the last part of development initiated in August.


All the crazy work of H1 has resulted in AIAR today kicking off the final backend work, for real. Alea iacta est…

… non in fortuna, nos operari pro super durum (our new AIAR proverb: “the dice is cast… but we don’t believe in luck so we work crazy hard instead” 😊). During an intense autumn ahead we thus now have the most crucial agenda for global prosperity succeeding in not only doing well for investors but also doing good for society.

Regarding the product development we are securing the completion of the best tech dev ever, while activating the content team and heading the content migration. For the management we are constituting a new board, subsequently opening up the bridge fund while preparing for the A-round.

Regarding the business development, we are continuing the dialogues with all our content providers and auditors, parallel to closing all deals for the disruptive distribution. Regarding strategic development we are releasing India and all other marketing activities, while finally planning for the growth hacking and DMS for the launch 😊

And during all this there will apart from “crazy hard work” (pro super durum), like usual be a lot of intense traveling, some positive stress, some mistakes and learnings, an immense degree of innovation, a big portion of vivid dialogues, a lot of laughter, and A LOT of….

….daring to change the world. See you all in the most intense of autumns 😊 😉



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