AIAR® Kickstarting the Next Phase of the World Class Solution to the Global Skilling Crisis!

What a Start of the Year!

AIAR® has been on an intense journey setting the stage for the next level tech, expanding management and, not least, strong business development. Everything is now set, progress reached every week, and all getting more excited every passing day. Some short upd8 below:)

Closing in on the Runway Resources

We are soon closing the current funding round, with an international set of investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Bahrain, and some more under negotiation in India and San Francisco etc — giving AIAR® the runway to secure all tech, content and members needed to take the firm grip on the market by the end of 2019 (if you didn’t make it to the round yet, give us a buzz and we’ll keep you posted :-D).

All the management and the tech team are in place, our intense development has resulted in joint ventures formed, strategic partnerships signed with disruptive distribution each reaching 0,5-50 million consumers, and much more in pipeline.

Completing the Strategic Development

AIAR® now has a firm grip on our strategy for catalyzing the Reskilling Revolution, well documented and evaluated by some of the best brains in the world (for an appetizer see Infographics).

We are here initiating the reskilling revolution by taking charge of the mobile learning market, using the world’s first microlearning with AI-customization, Blockchain secured certification and hyper engaging gamification. All in order to take the disruptive stand of the whole education field — the most powerful tool to change the world, and a market worth $6 trillion, twice as big as the car industry.

Our head quarter has now been set up in Singapore, with experienced management in place. We have screened the entire ASEAN-market to detect the best tech development team in Vietnam and content management team in the Philippines. We will launch with 5 languages, covering 51% of the Internet population.

Leaning on the Strongest Growth Forces in the Market

Those of you that follow us know that we have kicked off the year holding keynote speeches and meetings at the World Economic Forum in Davos, in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, Vienna and more. The majority of work is though conducted behind the scenes and has led to a rapidly growing network of dozens of associates in all our three main hubs:

  1. ASEAN incl. India (APAC as endgame)
  2. MENA (all Muslim world endgame)
  3. West Africa (Sub-Sahara end game)

All without end games summing up to 3,6 BN consumers, with +50% higher GDP growth than global average. To address this market, we among us have some of the global elite in the most efficient marketing in the world, i.e. digital marketing. Our track record speaks here for itself, with our first Proof of Concept being nr 1 on searches at Google Play and Apple AppStore, and a record CPI 500–1000% better than benchmarks in every market entered!

As experienced digital serial entrepreneurs we know, however, that as powerful as digital marketing is, the growth hacking of disruptive distribution is even more powerful. Thus, this is where our strongest force is channeled, and are we getting there or are we getting there :)

Aggressive Growth Hacking for Disruptive Distribution

In February, we announced the AISIDO joint venture; with mobile access, banking and education to empower people in emerging markets. This venture starts with the enabling of half a million students in Ghana, in a project supported by the ministry of education and 24 local universities. Soon to be followed by a similar project in Nigeria with 3 million students.

In our second hub, MENA, we have initiated similar discussions with local entities in Dubai and Bahrain for distributive cooperation. In our third and most crucial hub, we are in India discussing a setup with 4 other Hi-Tech firms, again supported by local government, to serve 40 million people — TBA this month.

Further on we have initiated dialogue with over a dozen similar partners with disruptive distribution — including global coffee chain, two taxi and transportation organizations, one airline — and much more around the corner.

The official objective has been to reach half a million members by the end of the year. At the speed we’re now closing deals that number is starting to feel increasingly “humble” :-O

Making the Founding Team Complete

In conclusion, nothing of this can come true without the magic wizards behind it all — and we can now finally welcome the most recent co-founders formally joining the team to make it totally complete.

The most recent brother of ours, Marcus Berneström, is known by many in the business as a digital entrepreneur with superpowers regarding international business development. All with more than 10-year intense experience in two of our most crucial hubs, SEA and MENA.

As founders for leading AIAR® to global success and prosperity we now thus include digital notabilities with more than 80 years’ experience regarding international leadership in strategy, tech, gaming, finance, digital marketing and business development — for companies like Samsung, Spotify, Deloitte, IKEA and Acast on one hand, with digital hands-on experience in places like London, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Dubai, Seoul, Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong on the other.

Now the whole bunch of us wish you a super May, looking forward to kickstarting the next phase of the most exciting venture ever. A phase in which we WILL (!) start changing the world, for real. Keep you posted or, even better, keep you in the family :)

Founders AIAR EdTech PTE Ltd


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