Winners of the 2017 AIB/DIT App Development Course

L-R front row: Niall Minto (DIT), John Jameson (Head of the School of Retail, DIT), Paul Sweeney (AIB), Daniel Cuadrado (1st place), Kyle Treacy (2nd place), Kate UÍ Ghallachóir (Head of the School of Marketing, DIT), Back row: Iker Zuniga Alonso (3rd place), Andy O’Sullivan (AIB), Brendan O’Neill (2nd place)

On Wednesday 26th April, we held the final demo day of the AIB/DIT App Development course, in DIT Aungier St. The course, as detailed here was to teach business students how to design and build apps — for either iOS or Android.

14 students demo’d apps on the day, with everything from an app for the Chaplaincy service in the college to an app to provide education about sight affecting diseases.

The winner was Daniel Cuadrado, a student from northern Spain, who’s On-Trip-Line app was a concept for a social network for backpackers / travellers around the world. The judges were impressed with the idea, his ability to convey its value in the presentation and the app itself, built on iOS.

In second place were Kyle Treacy and Brendan O’Neill who’s Leeg app, to help manage sports leagues and scoring tables also impressed the judges, who could see a valid business case, along with a nicely designed, functioning app.

In third place, another student from Spain, Iker Zuniga Alonso, showcased his “Supermarket app” which would allow shoppers to scan items via the app and pay, along with offering product advice. The beautifully designed app was evidence of the hard work put in over the course.

The commitment needed from all the students, to learn a skill completely new to them, while juggling existing college work and in some cases, actual work, was inspiring and commendable.

We loved delivering the course and hopefully will return for the third iteration later this year.

One last thing — some of the my students also presented me with a gift, which I’m going to get framed and hang in the office! They know me too well!

Andy, Iker Arregui, Daniel Cuadrado and Iker Zuniga Alonso

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