A blog post mention — ‘can Blockchain help us better assist refugees and migrants in transit?’

on UNDP Europe and Central Asia, by Kristina Mikulova, Advisor at the Board of the World Bank.

In September 2017, AID:Tech led a Blockchain workshop alongside UNDP that was kindly hosted by USAID. Workshops are a great way to communicate why, how and what AID:Tech is doing with Blockchain and we have always received incredibly positive feedback; by focusing on the demystification of Blockchain technology and its potential by anchoring them in clear use cases that we are developing over time.

This is important to us because we want our audience to always be able to leave with a number of key takeaways; with a framework and understanding around the suitability and applicability of Blockchain technology for different use cases and subsequently to know what the next steps are when the use cases are identified. Kristina’s blog post is a great reflection of the level of understanding that we aim to achieve via our workshops:

Having the digital footprint of blockchain would also help those of us in the humanitarian arena to get a better sense of what displaced people want. This way, we could get better at tailoring our toolkits to assist them. Then, refugee communities could transition from survival to making choices about their present and investing in their future. They could, perhaps, regain a sense of self, of their new identity.

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