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What is TraceDonate?

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Utilising AID:Tech’s core identity product, TraceDonate enables donors to give directly to individuals, groups of individuals or to general appeals connected to the platform by our partner organisations. When donations have been spent, TraceDonate provides donors with email and SMS notifications. The notifications will also tell you how donations were used — all the whilst, building up personal donation history.

What is the difference between TraceDonate and other donation services?


People are keen to make a difference in the world by donating to those in need. But there is a problem. Organisations are rapidly losing the trust of donors — because it is incredibly difficult to communicate the impact of the work that organisations are doing and because of the growing pressure from people who demand data and proof of how money is being spent.

Very often donors don’t know where the money has gone, to whom it has gone to or how the money is spent. Whilst there is a plethora of donations platforms, none of which are addressing the roots of this problem. Using blockchain technology, TraceDonate offers trust by transparency. It connects you, via organisations, to beneficiaries using digital identity and document donations securely on the blockchain. This means that you, as a donor, can see exactly how, where and when you donation is spent.

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