Talent… Nay! Missionary acquisition

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Recruitment at AID:Tech is not your typical affair — we won’t bore you with dull questions, or try to be “different” and ask you how many pennies would fit inside the Tower of Pisa.

For us, recruiting is not about finding generic “talent”. Talent has the connotation of something innate and effortless. And that is absolute bullcrap. At AID:Tech we believe that “mindset”¹ trumps innate talent and we want to work with people who share our faith.

Faith and belief. These words are often used lightly, concepts as mushy as a brain deprived of its skull. So let me explain this the way a neuroscientist² would. Your brain, from perception at one end to the greater intellect³ on the other, converges in the middle to create action. Our thoughts, intellect and beliefs are not worth a damn if they are not enacted upon. You have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

You might not have had the same opportunities that other people did. You might not have grown up in a nice white picket-fenced home or attended an Ivy League school. Other people did not even try because they thought “it’s too hard” to get what they want without the Ivy League education, without the privilege or network. You could have played it safe, kept to your comfort zone — something ‘stable’, gotten a mortgage and 2.4 kids.

But that’s alright. You know that education is not something you are fed, but something you hunt. You know that the biggest goals are like elephants, they can be eaten a spoonful at a time, and your spoon doesn’t need to be silver. And you know that taking a risk is the way you will live your life without regret and build real legacies.

We hire missionaries. The Martin Scorsese kind⁴ who will travel from Portugal to Japan to prove their faith, facing almost insurmountable odds.

In short, we recruit on merit. We don’t really care about much except that you walk as much as you talk.

If I have scared you off — good, we will not waste your time. If not, join us here:



  1. See Karol Dweck’s book “Mindset”, perhaps the most important book you will read this year.
  2. Logically, because in a past life I was a neuroscientist.
  3. Typically composed of “executive function” and metacognition.
  4. If you haven’t seen “Silence”, I recommend it.