The first baby born ‘on the blockchain’

Directly tethering the digital identity of mother and child, in partnership with PharmAccess Foundation

As part of the ‘Chain of Trust’ initiative, the partnership between AID:Tech and PharmAccess was launched in April 2018 with the objective of establishing the efficacy of blockchain technology for addressing challenges surrounding the delivery of healthcare and maternal care in Tanzania.

The initial pilot involves the provisioning of AID:Tech digital identity, to enable the tracking expectant women and their healthcare experience through their pregnancy journey by providing antenatal and postnatal care. Using blockchain technology, the objectives of the initiative is not only to address a number of challenges present within the healthcare system in Tanzania, it also facilitates transparency and traceability around the everyday process of healthcare provision to make pregnancy a safer and more effective experience.

An upcoming significant milestone sees the first birth on the blockchain that is due to take place in June 2018. The baby, at birth, will also gain their own digital identity tethered to their mother’s. As the initiative scales, PharmAccess leverages the AID:Tech blockchain platform to facilitate the collection, identification, and verification of digital health data, whilst ensuring that women have full control of their health records.

As an organization we are dedicated to using technological innovation to provide access to better healthcare for as many people in Africa as possible. Our partnership with AID:Tech allows us to address the challenges associated with current practices while improving the lives of the patients. This project demonstrates a transparent, innovative, performance-based financing model for healthcare.
Monique Dolfing — CEOof PharmAccess

Media coverage: PharmAccess Foundation | Finance Digest | Bitcoin Africa | Block Asia

Founded in 2001, PharmAccess Foundation is an organisation, based in the Netherlands, dedicated to improving access to healthcare using digital technology throughout Africa.

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