Transforming government service delivery with PwC and London Borough of Newham

Proud to be part of the Scale | GovTech program

The appointment of London’s first Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, in 2017, really signifies the push for the digitisation of UK public sector service delivery from the first named agenda — Digital by Default, introduced in 2013, to a much more active policy approach.

PwC’s Scale | GovTech program is a clear indication of how authorities are showing genuine interest in how innovative technology and business models can play a role in making service delivery more efficient, sustainable and ultimately, more time and cost effective.

The 12-week programme invited 12 of the world’s best international startups, including AID:Tech, to work closely with both PwC and the London borough of Newham, as well as other authorities to understand and develop practical use cases.

AID:Tech’s solutions are underpinned by blockchain technology and digital identity to enable the effective delivery of digital entitlements including welfare, remittances, healthcare, aid and peer-to-peer donations. But with this programme, we go one step further to discuss the opportunity of leveraging AI and Machine Learning technologies, led by our brilliant CTO and Chief Data Scientist, [Alejandro] Sasha V.G., to make the most of the data that will be made available by our blockchain solutions.

We are excited to say that the programme will culminate in the form of a showcase evening on the 20th June, taking place in the London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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