Winning the Irish Times’ Overall Innovation of the Year 2018

With blockchain solution to help more people around the world to participate in the digital economy

The Irish Times — How lost charity money led to an award winning idea

It is an absolute honour to see AID:Tech solutions recognised at this year’s Irish Times Innovation Awards.

The accolade of launching the first pilot with the Irish Red Cross in 2015 has been monumental in propelling the development of our solutions in the past 3 years. And this year we’re proud to see our efforts recognised again and in perfect timing with the launch of the first blockchain-based, peer-to-peer donation app — TraceDonate.

Taking the same approach towards identity and access, TraceDonate allows donors to donate directly to appeals, groups and beneficiaries connected to the platform by organisations such as the Irish Red Cross.

Blockchain technology allows for donations that take place to be securely documented — producing a whole host of transactional data to understand the impact of charitable donations they manage. Digital identity means that both donors and beneficiaries can manage the privacy of the data; widening access without the compromise of personal data control.

In 2019, we look forward to expanding the availability of TraceDonate with international partners, including charities, corporates and NGOs.

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