18 amazing travel experiences discounted for AidCoin holders! Proceeds going to charity

Nov 13, 2019 · 3 min read

How many of you dream to escape to a hideaway island in Sicily where only the sun and the birds can find you? Or sail around the stunning islands in Croatia guided by the warm breeze and the smell of the sea? Or explore the hidden gems of the Caribbean sipping on your Pina Colada with your beloved one? Or simply get a splendid suite at an internationally recognized 5-star hotel chain for peanuts while using your AidCoins?

Well, here is some good news for the AidCoin holders: all these awesome experiences are now at your fingertips — with a 5% discount!

In collaboration with CharityStars, we prepared a whole set of holiday experiences accessible with AID! Not only have we hand-picked the most unique experiences you can find on the web, but we also give them away to AID holders with a 5% discount while burning AID token supply. Oh yeah, and of course, part of the proceeds will go to charity.

How does it work?

You’ll be able to make your bid for any of these 18 travel auctions and pay in AidCoins. The highest bid made by the closing date will win — moreover, if this bid was made in AID, the winner will receive 5% discount on the hammer price. Considering the high price value of these experiences, the discount might be pretty significant!

But this is not just a great chance to put your spare AidCoins to use and save lots of money on your holiday bills. Here are some more benefits of this offer:

  1. The money you “pay” for your holidays is not really a payment — it’s a donation to a charity fund.
    For each auction, you can see a particular charity fund that will be the recipient of the final bid. For example, for the Croatia trip, the benefiting charity is Associazione Onlus — a fund that gives important support to children, young people and their families from the onset of the illness, operating at the Pediatric Clinic of the H S. Raffaele University Scientific Institute in Milan and the Pediatric Clinic at the Spedali Civili Hospital of Brescia.
Remind to flag the “pay with AidCoin” option during the checkout process

Summing up, by participating in one of these auctions, you not only get an incredibly awesome experience for your holidays — you also support a good cause and contribute to AidCoin community. A win-win for all!

So go use your AidCoins now until the auctions are over and pack your bags for an unforgettable holiday!

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