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AidCoin & BlockShow: bringing charity to TOP crypto conferences worldwide

We are always keen to develop relationships with other players in the blockchain sector and this time we have a rather unusual partnership to announce: AidCoin has joined forces with the biggest crypto conference organizer in the world — the BlockShow conferences powered by CoinTelegraph! This week marked our first collaboration for the BlockShow Americas in Las Vegas, where Federico Malvezzi, AidCoin Managing Director, held a speech.

The main aim of this collaboration is to educate people on how blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts are solving the biggest problem facing the charity sector today but also to explain that anyone, no matter what their sector, can become part of this revolution, so Federico’s keynote content was rather broad. He covered everything from challenges facing the non-profit sector, to our latest initiatives — the Japan campaign which gained 37k retweets and our partnership with WWF — and how other ICOs can support charity with us by either donating a percentage of their tokens to charity or embedding AIDPay to raise donations directly through their product interfaces.

In addition, Addy Crezee, CEO of BlockShow, came up on stage to show his support and announce our future joint activities: Сrypto Gala events and Charitable Dinners where we will leverage the expertize of CharityStars to auction off charitable meetings with top Speakers & Founders of the most prominent blockchain companies, as well as VIP tickets to crypto events and much more, with bids accepted in top cryptocurrencies. These events will be either linked to the main BlockShow conferences or be held separately — in both cases our community is very welcome!

“BlockShow has been bringing blockchain solutions to the world since 2016. Charity is a vital part of our society and implementing blockchain improves the process of giving a lot” — Addy Crezee, CEO of BlockShow and Former CMO of CoinTelegraph

The speech also explained various options of our cooperation with other blockchain projects and as a result we are expecting some new partnerships to be confirmed soon. We’ve already been approached by (an ICO in the e-commerce sector) and Bexam (Japanese hybrid exchange) — both of whom have showed a strong interest in working together.

“Thanks to the speech we held, the AidCoin project continues the expansion on other continents! During BlockShow Americas we have established many new contacts and we await new interesting collaborations for the upcoming months. Las Vegas, together with New York, is certainly becoming one of the most interesting US cities in the field of crypto and blockchain!” — Federico Malvezzi, AidCoin Managing Director

After the speech, we also exchanged ideas with a many other speakers willing to help and collaborate, e.g. Dallas Santana who manages celebrities in Los Angeles and can assist in arranging a variety of different auctions for our future charitable events in partnership with BlockShow!

“We really appreciate the support and trust given to us by the BlockShow team! It is a great sign that gives hope for the future of this technology in the social sphere where it can drive real social impacts. Our participation in Las Vegas was just the first step in a long series of collaborations and now we are already working on future common projects — e.g. BlockShow Asia in Singapore!” — Francesco Nazari Fusetti, AidCoin Co-founder & CEO

In short, we’re very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to arrange more charitable events with auctions that will undoubtedly be extremely interesting for anyone in the crypto world. And meanwhile, be sure to spread the world and keep an eye on our updates!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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