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AidCoin burns 1,1% of the remaining tokens due to the last successful fundraising campaign

In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn a total sum of 493,492 AID tokens equivalent at roughly 5000 USD at the current market price, bringing the total supply available down to 44,397486 tokens from the original 100M ICO supply.

The burn was made possibile by investing the revenues generated by AidCoin’s last fundraising activity in support of Rondine.

Rondine is an Italian non profit organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its own method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context.

Its objective is contributing to a planet free from armed clashes, in which every person has the tools to manage conflicts in a creative and positive way.

Rondine was born in a Medieval Tuscan hamlet, a few kilometres away from Arezzo, Italy: here, the main Rondine projects for education and professional experience are developed.

Rondine is mainly supported by private citizens from civil societies sharing its values and mission: the improvement of the planet through the training of leaders and the application of the Rondine Method in every context of conflict.

AidCoin managed to help Rondine to raise thousands of euro and collect nearly 3000 leads of potential new donors. Unfortunately, due to the nda signed with the charity, we are not allowed to disclose a deep dive of the numbers.

Just to give you a glimpse of the activity, below you can find an example of the A/B testing ads that we performed during the whole month of October.

The testimonial of the campaign was Liliana Segre who is an Italian Holocaust survivor, named Senator for life by Italian President Sergio Mattarella in 2018 for outstanding patriotic merits in the social field. Born in 1930 into a Milanese family of Jewish origins, in 1938 Segre was expelled from her primary school after the promulgation of the Italian Racial Laws.

In 1943 she was arrested with her family and deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The only survivor among her relatives, with the end of the war in 1945 she returned to Milan. After decades of silence, in the 1990s she started to speak to the public, especially young people, about her experience.

Liliana Segre, Rondine’s testimonial and ambassador

The aid token burn can be verified on Etherscan at the following link:



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