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Aidcoin burns approx 54% of the remaining tokens supply

In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn several wallets containing approx 54M tokens generated during the ICO, precisely:

  • 27.000.000 AID tokens from the company wallet have been burned 0xb8bdc20cec23ec4f999f3544ea9d11985c3f9f6f
  • 10.000.000 AID tokens from the team wallet have been burned 0xb8bdc20cec23ec4f999f3544ea9d11985c3f9f6f
  • 2,902,439 AID tokens from the advisor wallet have been burned 0xA53bF94C1ce8c17fD14Af8a9A99828B1eA5c2f8a
  • 9,037,000 AID tokens from the ecosystem wallet have been burned 0xb83BecCec59152D4E552A2B7C4feef9C79f7b070
  • 5,261,494 AID tokens from the airdrop wallet have been bruned 0xc02a88bc1042ab4fd02fa69c3d57150f2f816b78

This means that the total supply of AID has decreased from the initial 100M tokens to approx 46M tokens as listed on Etherscan.

The value of the actual burn theoretically equals to nearly 500,000$

In the following weeks the token burn will keep continuing with the revenues generated by the company in the past months: the more the AidPay donation widget is used, the more tokens will be destroyed.

Do you want to help us to burn more tokens? You have two options

  1. Make a donation in crypto (BTC, ETH, AID or many more) helping Protezione Civile to face the emergency vs Corona Virus in Italy. Click on and make your pledge. More than 1.200.000 euro have been raised!
  2. Make a bid on a CharityStars’ auction platform. For every bid (even if you don’t win) 50 tokens will be accredited into your account. More you bid and more you reduce the current supply. Read more here

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