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AidCoin ICO closes in record time: what to do now and next steps!

The AidCoin team is super pleased with reaching the ICO hard cap of 14,333 ETH within the first 90 minutes. This makes AidCoin a very successful ICO, which is especially inspiring considering the nature of our project: reigniting trust in the non-profit sector. We would like to thank you all for showing such a tremendous interest in AidCoin.

Not only did our supporters pay off our sleepless nights and contribute to the future development of the project, but also proved there is a need and great interest in charitable giving and solving the issue of tracking donations. The AidCoin project is working towards that and providing donors, charities, causes and so on with an ecosystem of services to connect, discover and give. It’s very important and motivating for us to know that what we do at AidCoin is as meaningful to the community as it is for us.

We are also happy to let you know that the airdrop for pre-sale contributors has been completed successfully. This was made to rebalance the decrease in hard cap. If you joined the pre-sale, check your wallets now!

What to do now?

Due to the fundraising closing so quickly, we are conscious there are many of you who couldn’t get AID tokens during the ICO. Hundreds of you have been asking across social media and via email, how to get AID tokens. To all of you, do not worry. Your patience and support will be repaid with the upcoming announcements. Keep reading on make sure not to miss any AidCoin announcements.


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Adding AID to your wallet

Many of you have asked how to add the AID tokens to a wallet. Please add the custom token information below and if you have any doubts, take a look at the specific instructions for the wallet you use.

Custom Token Address: 0x37e8789bb9996cac9156cd5f5fd32599e6b91289

Token Symbol: AID

Decimals: 18

What next?

Unlocking tokens

As you know the AID tokens are still locked. Next week we will unlock them and before then we’ll let you know when exactly.

This will be done at the same time that we announce the exchange listing to ensure that all of you who got AidCoin or wanted to, can buy AID using a safe and well known exchange.

Exchange listings

We are pleased to confirm that we are quickly reaching a final listing agreement with a top exchange. It’s all very exciting and we wish we could tell you more.

However, it’s important we announce it at the right time and when all papers have been signed. We are confident we’ll be able announce the name of the exchange and official listing date by the end of next week.

These are only a couple of the immediate steps we are taking, to ensure the success of AidCoin. Work is going ahead behind the scenes with the team now gearing up for an intense and rewarding time. Excited?

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