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AidCoin is launching a new branded division for growth hacking marketing: ImpactOn

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining momentum. But while more and more economic sectors leverage it to enhance efficiency, transparency and trust, the charity industry is still not ready for it. That’s why we at AidCoin have decided to launch ImpactOn, a side project agency focused on performance marketing. Read below how.

After establishing all sorts of partnerships and organizing workshops for charities to foster adoption both on the side of charities and donors, we’ve found enough evidence that charities are not prepared for crypto crowdfunding just yet.

The truth is that today, most charities are not only unprepared for raising donations in crypto online — they are unprepared for going digital at all. Both our experience and external research tell us that only a small part of the most advanced charities use digital tools for fundraising, retaining their donors, sharing the results and expanding their presence.

Take this: today, less than 40% of charities leverage basic digital tools, such as digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and so on for fundraising, while fundraising remains the number one concern for most minor charity funds.

Most non-profits fundraise through old-school methods such as phone calls, private meetings, personal emails — or even physical mail and so on, which certainly puts a cap on the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts, driving up costs while diminishing returns.

On the other hand, they often target only high net worth individuals who donate big sums, which puts such charities on a very unstable financial footing. Eventually, such charities become fully dependent on a small circle of donors who may suddenly change their minds and cease donations thus putting an end to the charity’s existence.

Summing up, an incredibly high number of nonprofits are not only unable to expand their donor base and, as a result, grow, but also have a hard time retaining their existing donors and gaining financial stability to achieve an even bigger impact. All because of the outdated practices they adhere to.

Therefore alongside pushing out our crypto donation gateway AIDPay we have decided to create a new agency focused on helping charities to transit from the old school fundraising to the new age.

We want be the first agency to apply the standard growth hacking basic tools that already function in the for-profit world. This means mastering FB ads to generate thousands of new leads of potential donors. Boosting youtube video. Doubling in a few weeks the number of fans on Facebook. Skyrocketing the donations reviewing making dozen of A/B testing into digital funnels.

Growth hacking campaign for Sant’Antonio charity

Our perfect target client are charities which don’t invest budget on FB ads. And there is a very easy way to find it out, since FB shows transparently the full amount of budget spent by non profit organizations (including political parties) by visiting this link

Try to type your favorite charity to find out if they are really exploiting the full potential of digitalization.

As we acquire more clients, we aim to expand to a more holistic approach and cover not only marketing but also organizational matters to ensure the right structure is in place to support and continue this transition to digital. That’s why the second stage of our strategy would be to help them shape their mindset in digital until to fully embrace the crypto adoption.

What Will Be so Special about Growth Hacking?

To start with, there are many fundraising agencies that help charities but very few of them have a strong focus on digital and typical growth hacking tools. But the most important shortcoming of other agencies is that they usually do not share their data and their strategies because they fear that charities will steal the information and start doing the same things on their own without paying for the agencies’ services. But for us — that’s precisely the main goal! We do want those charities to grow and become more efficient in raising funds for the causes that truly matter. We want them to constantly improve by leveraging the knowledge and experience we shared with them. We want them to have control over their organizations and the know-how so that when we leave, they’ll pick up our activities and develop their own. The only thing we want for ourselves is to boost the nonprofit sector’s digital transformation and widen the user base for future massive crypto adoption.


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