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AidCoin launches the AID gamification reward on

Pay with AID and get generous cashback in return!

AidCoin, following its tech roadmap, has launched a gamification experience on the non-profit fundraising platform CharityStars - the leading fundraising website in Italy which is amazingly raising more than 1,5 mln EUR to fight the Coronavirus… And the only platform where you can contribute in crypto!

On one hand, this gamification project is an attempt to stimulate donations on CharityStars. On the other hand, we aim to make CharityStars users more confident with cryptocurrencies and incentivize them to pay auctions in AID tokens — a cryptocurrency specifically designed for charity.

From now on, making donations in AID tokens not only stimulates charities to be more transparent on the use of funds but also enables users to receive a free cashback of tokens based on their actions. Here’s how:

  • If you win the auction below 1000€, you get a 5000 AID reward
  • If you win the auction over 1000€, you get 20.000 AID reward
  • If you win the auction over 10.000€, you get 200.000 AID reward
  • … And what if your bid doesn’t win? Your participation still means a lot to us so for every bid you make, you will be rewarded with 50 AidCoins for free!

In other words, the more cool items you bid for, the more AidCoins you gain in return.

How does it all work?

User profile view into the gamification tab
  1. In order to accumulate AID, users need to pick AID as their payment method for their desired CharityStars item. So remember to flag the “crypto payment” method before confirming your bid.
  2. In every profile setting under the tab “gamification”, users can see how many AidCoins they have received based on their activity on CharityStars (bid or winning auctions).
  3. You can withdraw your tokens once you’ve collected more than 5000 AID.
Withdraw page

What should I do if I don’t have enough AidCoins?

The answer is simple! You just need to:

  1. Go either to the AidCoin website (no KYC required!) or to an external crypto exchange, such as Bitfinex or Bittrex;
  2. Use your BTC or ETH to buy AID;
  3. Use your purchased AID as a payment option for the auction at CharityStars (before that, you need to create an account there — it will take less than 5 minutes, promise 🙂);
  4. Collect the AID as a reward;
  5. When you want to withdraw the AID collected, you just need to paste your ERC20 wallet address to receive tokens. In case you don’t have an ERC20 wallet, you can download an app on your smartphone (Coinbase or Eidoo, for example) to easily create one;
  6. Voila! Now you have AidCoins which you can hold or sell on the market to cash out.
At AidCoin homepage, you can buy AID without KYC or signup
Rewards are only available for payment made in AID

Remember: every month CharityStars launches more than 300 unique auctions — you will definitely find something you’d love! So if you want to get an experience of your dreams and even be rewarded for it — just go to CharityStars now!

Motorsport auctions
Basket auctions

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