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AidCoin get listed on SouthXchange and burns a massive 4% of the remaining tokens

AID token has been listed on SouthXchange with the BTC pair in the effort to provide more liquidity to the token. SouthXchange is a currency management platform built and operated by PRO-Systems, allowing fast, secure and real-time cryptocurrency exchange for bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The platform is currently listed on Coinmarketcap and reported with a High confidence green label about the volume traded

Furthermore, on the 31/12/2020 the company has decided to burn a total sum of 1,760,368 AID tokens equivalent at roughly 0,5BTC at the current market price, bringing the total supply available down to 42,547,118.70 tokens from the original 100M ICO supply.

The burn was made possibile by investing the revenues generated by AidCoin’s last year of activities.

The burn can be checked on Etherscan at the following link:

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New to AidCoin?

Learn more about the AIDChain platform and the AIDPay widget.



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