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We always advocate crypto as we believe in its huge potential to change the world and the charity for the better. And that’s why we’re so pleased when conventional editions decide to shed light on this topic and choose AidCoin as a representative.

This month we’ve been featured in 3 outstanding editions which altogether cover a wide spectrum of readers, both familiar and unfamiliar with crypto. And we’re very grateful to have had an opportunity to share our insights on reshaping the charity sector and involve more people with this noble cause that we’re working on. So let’s get straight to the point now!

  1. Probably there’s no need to explain what Forbes is and why it is so cool to be covered by it. The authors of the article managed to perfectly explain the stages of AidCoin’s formation linking it to the previous experience of CharityStars, mentioning AidCoin’ successful ICO and providing information on our future prospects, all fitted into page 98–99 of the February 2018 edition.
Article about AidCoin in Forbes Italia February 2018 Edition

2) The second magazine that talked about us this month was Millionaire, one of the top Italian business editions since 1990. In this case AidCoin and its CEO was featured on the cover of the March 2018 edition. In contrast with Forbes, the 6 pages of text (p. 46–51) devoted to us spelled out the most basic crypto concepts: what blockchain is, why we need tokens, how to run an ICO, what the possible legal implications are and so on. And all of this with a reference to AidCoin’s experience.

Millionaire March 2018 edition cover featuring AidCoin’s CEO & Co-Founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti
Article about AidCoin in Millionaire March 2018 Edition
Article about AidCoin in Millionaire March 2018 Edition
Article about AidCoin in Millionaire March 2018 Edition

3) And last but not least is our debut in Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s largest circulating newspaper which focuses on business, politics as well as commercial and industrial law. The article is mostly concerned with how to make the non-profit sector more transparent and trustworthy and Aidcoin is referred as a remedy.

Il sole 24 ore March 19th 2018 edition
Article about AidCoin, Il sole 24 ore March 19th 2018 edition

We are working hard towards spurring innovation in the non-profit sphere and it often catches the attention of the media so stay tuned, there is more news to come!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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