AidCoin partners with Bitcoin Suisse for the ICO token sales

AidCoin — Bitcoin Suisse ICO agreement in Zug

The AidCoin team is thrilled to announce that the allocation of AID tokens during the ICO (January 16th 2018 — February 1st 2018) will be managed through the Bitcoin Suisse ICO platform. We will soon provide more information on how to participate.

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a regulated crypto financial broker, asset manager and service provider based in Zug, Switzerland and established in 2013.

Bitcoin Suisse led some of the biggest and highest quality token sales with world class commitment to compliance and excellence such as: OmiseGO, Bancor, Tezos, Status, aeternity.

The company also performs exchange and treasury services and trades with and on behalf of a number of the major companies and actors in the virtual currency and asset markets.

Bitcoin Suisse is the payment gateway service provider for the town of Zug, the first public entity globally to accept bitcoin payments for public services.

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