Call for AidCoin community: vote and win $1,000 worth of AID!💸

Now that we’ve launched the Beta we can’t wait to start raising donations through it. And the first step in this regard, as mentioned in the Beta release post, is launching particular fundraising campaigns as that’s where the current tracking features of AIDChain can be best applied.

In one of such campaigns several ICOs will donate crypto to one of the major international charity funds’ project. And even though we cannot publicly disclose more details yet, we can already announce that one of the ICOs willing to donate around $25,000 to this campaign is CanYa, a global P2P marketplace of services powered by Blockchain with over 13,000 followers.

Why this partnership will be a win-win for everyone?

If we address the large scale benefits for the charity sector — having CanYa as a participant, we will be able to raise more funds for this project and be sure these funds will be spent correctly thanks to the AIDChain transparency features.

If we look at the benefits for the crypto sphere —often crypto is perceived as something only speculators and drug-dealers are involved in, but we have a chance to change these connotations. Crypto philanthropic initiatives don’t go unnoticed by both conventional and crypto-oriented media and the more ICOs participate in this campaign, the bigger PR blast we’ll be able to create thus contributing to a better image of crypto as a whole.

Finally, talking about ICO participants’ benefits— this partnership will enable us to attract attention to our projects, get new leads and consequently, new users and token holders. Overall, this will be a great opportunity to grow and gain more traction with the community for all of us.

The scheme seems flawless but there’s one catch…

We need your help to make this happen!💪

Even though CanYa is more than willing to participate in this project, it has decided to let its community choose between 4 alternatives to donate the funds to. Therefore, in order to win in this competition, we kindly ask you to show some support and vote for us until April 30th!

And since we have always appreciated the help of our community, this time we would like to give back some love to those giving us a hand.

How to win $1,000 worth of AID?💸

In order to win you simply need to spend 1 minute and follow this link to vote for AidCoin. After April 30th, we will randomly pick 5 of you, AidCoin voters, and give each $1,000 worth of AID.

Important: In order to be elected please make sure to fill the fields “Name” and “Telegram Handle (see below for Discord)” in CanYa’s voting form.