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Corporate social responsibility meets ICOs: Sidera commits to donating 1% ICO raised funds

At AidCoin, we believe that giving is intrinsic to a healthy society as it redistributes wealth and helps the less fortunate. But the act of giving to charity isn’t limited to individuals, it’s also something bigger entities, such as companies, can do. What’s more, we think that corporate social responsibility should be a widespread practice not only among big international corporations but among smaller entities, too: even the smallest donations can add up to bring about world change.

That’s why just recently we have been passionately developing partnership activities that see upcoming ICOs commit to donating a small portion of ETH that they’ll raise during their token sales through AIDChain. Not only does this accumulate funds for good causes but it also helps to demonstrate how crypto can be used for good, while adding to the donor’s marketing activities at the same time (even if it may not sound as noble as the other points mentioned).

And today we’re truly delighted to introduce Sidera — our first partner of this sort, apart from CanYa, who also donated $26,000 worth of its tokens through AIDChain. After Sidera’s ICO, which will last from September 1-30, its team will donate 1% of ICO raised funds to WWF through AIDChain, enabling full traceability of the donated funds.

“We are very proud of Sidera’s decision to commit a donation as it really shows the team’s human values that are also inherent to crypto itself. We are thrilled to share this news with our communities and attract more attention to this initiative, in the hopes of making this a common practice not only among international corporations but also crypto startups” — Francesco Nazari Fusetti, AidCoin Co-founder & CEO

Sidera combines IoT devices and Blockchain in order to make cryptocurrency payments accessible everywhere with their smartwatch — SmartBit. The device allows users to safely store & exchange cryptos, as well as pay anything with an instant exchange between crypto and Fiat currency, conveniently via POS. With partners such as IBM, Nexqo and Security Brokers it’s no surprise that their project is developing at such a fast pace and now they’ve decided to get involved in charitable activity with AidCoin!

“There are several ways to make good deeds and improve the environment we live in. Thanks to AidCoin and Charitystars we can make use of Blockchain technology to actively contribute to the initiatives that have a remarkable impact on our world.
We are proud and honored to devolve 1% of our raised funds to WWF. Their Cause is a cause that all of our team members carry deep in their hearts. Now it is our Cause, too.
The benefits for Sidera are not the most important thing when you want to operate in this sector.
The greatest benefit is to know that you are improving things.
We are doing it in the Blockchain field using a unique technology and we are doing it for charity: we will be donating part of income of our public sale.
If the world can benefit from this, we can benefit from it, too.” — Camillo Piscitelli, Founder of Sidera.

After Sidera, we look forward to many more ICOs participating in similar activities by either donating a small percentage of funds raised or a portion of their tokens, if they are already listed. And what’s more, to make the whole process as transparent as possible, we always encourage our potential partners to program the transaction of funds directly into the ICO smart contract. We’re currently in negotiations with several other upcoming ICOs so let’s wait and see who’s next!

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