Final portion of AID airdropped — more airdrops to come!

9 months ago AidCoin tokens were sold out in only 90 minutes after the start of the ICO. Ever since that day, we’ve been working hard to deliver our product and make full transparency an inherent feature of the charity sector. On this journey, we appreciated more than anything else the support of our community who believed in our project as much as we did and was always there to give us useful feedback.

In order to show our gratitude for this, we decided to airdrop AID tokens to those staying with us along this bumpy road of delivering a product that aims to transform a whole sector of the economy. And so we did it in 3 batches over the span of 9 months following our ICO.

The first round took place on April 16th when we airdropped to our token holders 5% of the tokens which they bought at our token sale and never moved from their initial wallets. At this stage, 1,294 ICO contributors held a total of 15,126,932 unmoved AID and received 756,346 AID as an airdrop.

During the second round on July 16th the stakes got higher: a 7,5% airdrop was sent to a slightly smaller amount of 1,121 ICO contributors who held 11,109,693 AID in total. This time the airdrop reached a higher number of 833,227 AID.

The third — and the final — airdrop was scheduled for this week, October 16, and it was a great pleasure to see that the amount of HODLers almost hasn’t changed since the previous round. This time, we sent 1,097,953 AID tokens to 1,072 wallets containing 8,783,628 unmoved tokens and while this was the last official airdrop for our token sale participants — it’s hardly going to be the last one.

These numbers indicate that an entire crowd of our supporters has been holding our tokens for as long as 9 months — a staggering period of time by standards of the crypto world! These guys were staying with us neverminding all ups and downs and anticipating the further (inevitable 😉) rise of AidCoin, which we are truly grateful for.

Therefore, we promise that more airdrops will follow soon! At the moment, we’re developing a whole dashboard destined at promoting community involvement and it will have AID tokens as an incentive for the participants. Soon we will unveil more details so keed HODling and wait for more airdrops to come!

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