Use AID to buy a Dreamer T-shirt and help migrant kids to get a future while reducing

Sep 19, 2019 · 4 min read

CharityStars has launched a new T-shirt campaign together with Alejandro Sanchez, a famous Spanish musician and the winner of three Grammy Awards and 17 Latin Grammy Awards! Now anyone can buy an awesome T-shirt while helping a good cause — just like tons of celebrities have already done — and reducing AID tokens supply as a result.

So what’s special about this T-shirt campaign and why you’d want to participate?

All the funds raised by selling these T-shirts will be used for:

  1. Providing scholarships for the kids who entered the US illegally with their parents and dream to get out of the shadows. These kids have grown and lived in the US, which they consider their home, and despite not having permission to reside in the US, they were able to enroll in schools. As they come of age, they face the same needs as other youth their age, such as pursuing higher education, looking for a job or having a driver’s license, but often, they can not get these things, because of their lack of “papers,” and the permanent threat of being deported;
  2. It will also be used to pay for the kids’ DACA renewal (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) so they can stay in the US: this process is urgent, complicated, and expensive — applicants must submit $495 fee along with their renewal applications. For many DACA recipients who are students or low wage workers who often spend months saving up to pay for these fees, that is an extraordinary unexpected expense that together, we can help with.

Overall, the Dreamers movement brings together these undocumented youth who have made the conscious decision to raise their voices without fear of deportation and begin a fight for immigration reform and a brighter future for all.

2) Put your crypto to work: crypto donations accepted
This is one of the few charity campaigns worldwide that you can participate in using your crypto — so use this chance to make your crypto work!

Just like in our previous T-shirt campaigns with CharityStars, you can donate in any of the following cryptocurrencies:

  1. AidCoin
  2. Attention Token
  3. Augur
  4. Blackcoin
  5. BLOCKv
  6. Bitcoin
  7. Cardano
  8. Dai Stablecoin
  9. Dash
  10. Decred
  11. Digixdao
  12. Dogecoin
  13. Enjincoin
  14. Essentia
  15. Ethereum
  16. Token
  17. Gamecredits
  18. Groestlcoin
  19. Litecoin
  20. Maker
  21. Monero
  22. Peercoin
  23. Pivx
  24. Power Ledger
  25. Storj
  26. Syscoin
  27. TrueUSD
  28. Tether USD
  29. Vertcoin
  30. Zcash
  31. 0x

At the time of writing, you need 3.657 AID to purchase the tshirt.

Email receipt of confirmation

3) You donate crypto — we burn AID tokens:
Finally, this is our second T-shirt campaign that helps reduce the AID token supply! For each T-shirt you buy in crypto (AID, BTC ETH etc..), we’ll use 100% of the revenues generated to burn AID on the open market, thus not only helping those kids build their future but also motivating our community to donate more and stay engaged💪🏻

So let’s help those brave kids together by getting these awesome T-Shirts and putting some crypto to work here!

Make your first trackable crypto donation here!

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