Growth-hacking a Religious Charity — one bit-coin at a Time.

May 2 · 5 min read

Let’s face it: crypto adoption is becoming mainstream — for real! With all those huge corporations like Visa, PayPal, Tesla, announcing their investments in Bitcoin and crypto payment integrations, it’s time to advance the crypto adoption in charity. And since AidCoin is one of the pioneers in the space, we are carrying on on our promise of digitalising the non-profit sector — one bit(coin) at time.

How we foster the fundraising innovation within the non-profit industry?

After the successful campaign for Sant’Antonio from Padua, which we covered in this article, we have realized there is a strong need of innovation in the vast ocean of religious charity. At the same time, there is a (surprisingly!) massive donor community online and it is very responsive to social media. So why not leverage these two facts?

Given there is clearly a gap to bridge, we decided to launch one more major campaign. This time we collaborated with Santa Rita da Cascia, one of the biggest religious charities in the world. It has a huge fan base on social media — entire 600.000 fans who are more than willing to support their favourite organisation. That sets the perfect conditions for a successful online fundraising campaign to go wild and help lots and lots of those in need — including the kids who need home and family, or helping out patients in the hospital led by the charity.

Santa Rita da Cascia asked us to create new digital campaigns in order to reach out to new potential donors and collect valuable new leads. This is a simple task for our team but dealing with religious organizations has its own specificity — so this is where the tough part began for us!

Launching promo campaigns from a reclusion convent? Easy!

First of all, the charity organizations is led by nuns who live in….a reclusion convent! Meaning it’s not easy at all to get through to your client to receive inputs and agree on the solutions. Also, as you may guess, our nuns lead a completely different lifestyle so discussing the digital growth hacking with was not a simple thing to do! 😅. We had to schedule several meetings on Zoom to start speaking the same language.

Secondly, we had to convince the nuns to be the protagonist of the advertising campaigns as our research has shown that this is a great way to transmit the message to the target audience in the most compelling way. But while the nuns are pretty active on their Facebook page, where they share videos of songs and prayers, they have never been actively engaged in a digital marketing campaign. So at the second step of our digitalization journey — actually creating the required content — the nuns had to record several videos for the A/B testing (that’s how you choose the most performing campaign).

Yeah, that was an interesting experience — but the result was even more interesting:

Through a Facebook campaign, we generated more than 730,000 reactions (comments, likes, shares and clicks).

For instance, a single video have generated 15,000 likes, 5,000 comments, and nearly 1,000 shares!

We are not allowed to share publicly the full details of the campaign in terms of the budget, leads, and donations collected but we hope we will be able to share more info in the future. And for now, what you can do is believe us that these were truly amazing results given both the starting conditions and the budget that we had at our disposal.

Examples of ads content

The whole marketing activity was conceived to collect leads and interest around the charity mission — but not only that! We also came up with and tested a few very successful ideas for increasing the engagement of those leads. One of the ways to do so was to digitalize prayers, meaning we allowed Santa Rita’s believers to digitally send their prayers to the Saint! Not only did it enhance the engagement rates but it also resulted in a new massive traffic inflow.

But obviously, gaining all this traffic and likes was just the first step. Then we needed to convert that into actual support for the charity: receiving donations.

For that, we designed and A/B tested different landing pages in order to find the most performing one in terms of converting leads into real donors. As a reward of the donation, the donors received a digital card of the Saint. who knows, maybe one day that could be turned into a full-fledged NFT?😉

Donation landing page

But there’s still place to grow: what’s next?

Now that this first campaign has turned into such a blast, the next phase of our collaboration will see the implementation of a new set of strategies to grow even more the fan base and the donor base of the charity. Moreover, this first campaign was targeting only the Italian audience so all the marketing material is in Italian. But why not expand? Soon, we will be able to reach an international audience — and hopefully, show even better results.

The proceeds of this campaign out of the total amount of donations collected (we cannot disclosure data due to the policy with our charity partners), will let us to continue burning the AID tokens according to our goals (see our latest burning event)! This shall reduce the supply of tokens available on the market, shifting the curve!

Our next goal?

After convincing reclusion nuns to be part of a growth hacking campaign…we are ready to embrace the challenge of bringing crypto to the Vatican one day — so stay tuned!😂


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