Here’s how AidCoin won the hearts of Chinese charities and got a local Ambassador

Dee Lee from FusionICO, our representative agency in Asia, presenting AidCoin in the Chinese Academy of Charity Foundation Leaders

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Last week Dee Lee from FusionICO, our representative agency in Asia, who has been running one of the top 10 nonprofits in China, got invited to the Chinese Academy of Charity Foundation Leaders, which proved to be a great opportunity to present AidCoin to some of the key players of the Chinese charity sector.

Francesco with a FusionICO’s team member at the FINWISE Summit in Macau in January

At the event Dee Lee presented the high-level concept of AidCoin, our token model, and the case studies with Inter Milan, WWF, Lamborghini and others. Interestingly, out of the 30 foundations present at the meeting, each and every one had heard about Bitcoin but practically none — about Blockchain application in charity. This made the AidCoin vision appear even more striking, fresh, and attractive to everyone.

At the end of the meeting we were lucky to get some useful feedback from the top representatives of Chinese non-profit sector.

The General Secretary of one of the foundations claimed that non-transparency and inability to track the flow of donations is the most acute problem across Chinese non-profits and it causes large inefficiencies.

Another guru of Chinese charity sector also acknowledged this fact and predicted that if AidCoin expands in China it will end up working with 2,000 local charity foundations. Moreover, our team got officially invited to visit China to meet with local charities, explain the benefits of our technology, and start building partnerships with those ready to onboard, which we’re very excited about.

However, this is not our very first interaction with China. As philanthropy and crypto know no borders, AidCoin concept got embraced by a whole host of people all around the world. And although not many of you might know that, AidCoin was warmly welcomed in China from the very outset. In fact, so warmly that we even had to create a special Chinese Telegram channel that currently counts more than 2,500 members and might soon become as active as the English and Italian ones.

Francesco presenting AidCoin at one of the conferences in China

Also, our CEO, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, has been a frequent guest in Asia in general and China in particular back in the ICO times, interacting a lot with local investors. And since we’re highly motivated to make our entire community as engaged as possible, we are constantly looking for ways to interact with our Chinese followers and boost the Aidcoin presence in Asia.

That’s why we are especially happy to announce that from now on we have an Ambassador in China who will be in charge of enhancing the AidCoin presence on the local scene. Welcome Ni Wang!

Ni Wang, AidCoin’s Ambassador in China
Probably not all of you can read in Chinese but this is an article about Ni Wang in Shangliu Tatler, a prestigious local edition
An article about Ni Wang in Shangliu Tatler, a prestigious local edition

Ni Wang has well-established connections with top-rank Chinese celebrities and local media. This, coupled with her extensive experience of working with local charities and high-end event organizers as well as a profound engagement in the crypto space (she is also one of our investors 😉) will enable her to promote AidCoin to the local target audiences and reach a better exposure of AidCoin in China.

We’re excited more than words can say to set off for this journey and meet the demand that Chinese nonprofits have shown. We’ll keep updating you as we advance in this direction so stay with us and let’s see how this story unfolds!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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