How we met Wikipedia and more at BlockShow in Berlin

Last week was extremely busy for our team, as it usually is the case. This time we attended the BlockShow Europe 2018, which hosted over 3,000 participants in Berlin on May 28–29th. We had a booth for both days of the event which gave AidCoin great exposure to all participants. It was especially engaging since the event hosted a truly diverse audience ranging from representatives of central banks and EU government officials to our fellow ICOs and crypto exchanges thus providing a perfect chance to develop different spheres of AidCoin’s activities.

Federico Malvezzi, AidCoin’s Business Development & Project Manager, with Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

One of the most prominent participants of the event we had a chance to connect with is the Founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. Just like all the famous founders we met at the Blockchain Week in NY, he is interested in both setting up a charity auction on the CharityStars platform and learning more about AidCoin applications. As you probably know, Wikipedia is a non-profit organization and in 2017 alone it received over $90 million in donations. What an amazing case for AidCoin adoption it would be if at least a portion of that amount would be donated in AID! Apparently, now it’s too early to say if this is going to play out but since Jimmy is keen to learn more, we expect more news in this direction to follow.

AidCoin’s Marketing and Community Manager, Francesco Redaelli, with Alexandra Serebrennikova, Partnerships Manager

The summit also represented a wide array of exchanges such as OKEX and COBINHOOD, which currently have some of the highest trading volumes in the market. And even though we already had been liaising with them for a while, meeting in person at the event strengthened our connection and helped make a leap forward.

Federico Malvezzi, AidCoin’s Business Development & Project Manager, with Jovan Gavrilovic, OKEX’s Business Development Manager
Federico Malvezzi, AidCoin’s Business Development & Project Manager, with Alfa Tsai, COBINHOOD’s Business Development Manager

The exhibition space was also peppered with booths of blockchain projects which AidCoin had met on other events and even conceived partnerships with. In this regard, BlockShow proved to be a great opportunity to proceed discussions face to face! For instance, after the event we have seemingly moved to the final stage of negotiations with Utrust, with whom we had been discussing some truly engaging partnership opportunities for the past several weeks (you can even spot Utrust’s COO Rodrigo Russel negotiating with AidCoin’s Partnership Manager Alexandra Serebrennikova at the video below at 1:02).

AidCoin team with Utrust’s COO, Rodrigo Russel, and CIO, Filipe Castro

Interestingly, the AidCoin team was lucky to have met several governmental representatives seeking for ways to enhance transparency features for the non-profit sectors of their home countries, e.g. Colombia, where cryptocurrencies have one of the deepest penetration level worldwide.

We also received a surprisingly large amount of positive feedback about AidPay as well as many requests to use it once it’s released (which won’t take long!). We are incredibly glad to see that not only conventional charities but also other fundraising projects from diverse spheres are showing so much interest in our technologies and we’re confident that AidPay will be greeted with enthusiasm.

All in all, Blockshow 2018 was indeed a perfect place for networking, developing existing partnerships, and introducing AidCoin to those new to the concept of crypto charity. Here is a short video from the event for you to see what amazing two days we had:

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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