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Italy vs. Coronavirus: Let’s Put our Crypto to Use and Fight it Together

These days we are experiencing an unprecedented moment in history, the lives of thousands of people have been significantly affected.

Statistics are shocking: the total number of infected exceeded 125 thousand people. From European countries, Italy suffered the most — more than 12 thousand people got infected. The graph below fully depicts the current situation in Italy.

The only thing giving us the ray of hope right now is the strength and courage of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week they are on duty in hospitals, in crowded places, monitoring the people’s condition and often taking the hit on themselves.

The surgeon of the Italian hospital Humanitas Castelli Daniele has recently told about the situation due to the coronavirus. According to the doctor, not only his colleagues, but also their families suffer.

“Despite the fact that my colleagues and I have protective equipment, many of us have already become infected. And they infected their families. Sick relatives are now between life and death”, — he said.

The surgeon also added that the fight against Coronavirus infection is like a war. The hospitals do not get help in time and in many cases, they are facing the shortage of such stuff as care beds, intensive care respirators etc.

In the last few days, many fundraising campaigns have been launched, mainly on such platforms as Facebook or GoFundMe. Some of them have raised a large amount of money,which is good news for the Italian hospital. But neither Facebook or GoFundMe still accept donations in crypto.

CharityStars has launched a fundraising campaign “VinciamoNoi” to support the Italian hospitals fighting against Corona Virus

Thanks to AidCoin’s proprietary crypto payments widget, AidPay, CharityStars platform will be able to accepts donations in up to 20 cryptocurrencies.

This makes CharityStars the first crowdfunding website to accept instant donations in cryptocurrency as a great chance to help those who really need it now while enhancing crypto adoption.

How can you participate?

From CharityStars campaigns benefit both donors and the end causes. During this period of emergency, all the money that CharityStars campaigns raise in crypto will go to the Italian hospitals in DAI stable coins in a fully traceable way. Moreover, no fees will be charged from it: CharityStars will provide its platform for free.

All in all, there are three ways to participate:

  1. Bidding on the auctions dedicated to the emergency
  2. Making a pledge

Participate in an auction to get the item or experience you want and save lives!

As a donor, you can make a bid for any item or experience at CharityStars to support Italy in this harsh time. If in the end of the auction your bid turns out to be the highest, you’ll get what you bid for and the final bid sum will be directed to support Italian hospitals in DAI stable coin.

For example, if you want to buy the footballer’s shirt or a brand-new briefcase, you place your bid and then wait until someone places the higher one. If nobody beats your price, you get this very shirt or the briefcase.

Want to help CharityStars raise even more funds for a good cause? Launch your own campaign!

If anyone (a private seller, a company, a brand, etc.) would like to offer an item to put on auctions or launch other types of campaigns — please email The conditions will be the same as for any other CharityStars campaign these days: zero fees charged, full crypto traceability provided.

What are you waiting for? Go to CharityStars and help Italy while benefiting yourself!

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