Meet Elephant Action League - the first charity to accept crypto donations through AIDPay

Elephant Action League (EAL) was one of the first charities to join AIDChain and now we’re glad to announce that it’s become the first charity to integrate AIDPay to raise donations in 26 cryptocurrencies straight through its website.

EAL protects the environment with intelligence and investigative activities targeting illegal wildlife supply chains, criminals, traffickers, and corrupt individuals behind wildlife crime, including ivory and rhino horn trafficking, illegal fishing, illegal logging and the illegal trade of live animals such as chimpanzees and orangutans.

Its activity is especially relevant now that, for instance, a third of Africa’s elephants have been killed in the last decade according to some estimates and the rest of species worldwide is more endangered than ever. It was even featured in The Ivory Game, a Netflix documentary produced by Leonardo Di Caprio’s Production company! Check out the trailer here and you’ll understand why we are so glad to contribute to EAL’s activity.

“EAL prides itself on its innovative spirit — always striving to be more efficient, modern in its approach, and on the cutting edge in its use of technology — and AIDChain’s capabilities will allow EAL to continue that spirit.” — EAL’s Executive Director, Andrea Crosta.

The reason why EAL is so keen to adopt our blockchain-based solutions is that it often deals with corrupt authorities and governmental bodies and complete independence in raising and spending funds is what it takes to stay unbiased and capable to uncover the inconvenient truth. This makes a perfect scenario for raising and spending crypto as well as inspire donors’ trust & commitment by being completely transparent — precisely what we’re offering at AidCoin.

“We are happy to welcome EAL to the AIDChain platform. Renowned associations such as EAL are the driving force behind this global movement. We are sure that the EAL-AIDChain union will bring benefits to both donors, in terms of guaranteeing the transparency of the blockchain — an aspect that as always been one of EAL’s distinguishing features, and also to charities who will have an important model that can support the serious and committed work carried out by smaller associations.” — AidCoin Co-founder & CEO, Francesco Nazari Fusetti

All EAL’s donations raised through AIDChain and AIDPay will be transparently spent through AIDChain without converting to fiat and donors will see exactly where their money is going to. So help EAL save the animals from death — be sure to make your crypto donation here and stay tuned for more news!

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