New AidCoin advisor: Toni Lane Casserly, Co-founder of CoinTelegraph

Meet our new amazing advisor whom you’ve probably heard of before: Toni Lane Casserly. Toni is the co-founder of the renowned CoinTelegraph, a blockchain expert, prominent public speaker, advisor of a number of successful projects, including Tether, and to top it off a wonderful person.

“I strongly believe in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Likewise, I believe in charity. If we put those two together, we can have a brighter future for all. That’s why I am so keen to collaborate with AidCoin and transform the charity world together” — Toni Lane, AidCoin’s new advisor

Back in October in AidCoin’s early days, our CEO & Co-Founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, met Toni at CoinAgenda in Las Vegas. That’s when they discovered their overlapping interests in blockchain and charity, and came up with an idea to work together. At their second meeting at TokenFest in San Francisco in February, this idea began maturing into a plan of action. Now that AidCoin is past its conceptual stage, and is actually a working platform with a number of charity partners and several more on the waiting list, we believe it’s time to unlock these synergies.

Toni Lane has a great deal of expertise in the blockchain sphere and beyond. Her body of work includes co-founding CoinTelegraph, BitNation &, advising renowned projects as Tether and Propy, to speaking at Tedx, SingularityU, and an array of crypto conferences worldwide. Above all, her devotion to charity is what made this partnership so appealing for both of us.

After Toni spent time in Puerto Rico, which suffered intense damage after Hurricane Maria in 2017, her desire to help people in difficult circumstances situations grew even stronger. Prior to the NY Blockchain Week, where our Business Development & Project Manager, Federico Malvezzi, took an active part, he also flew to meet Toni in Puerto Rico where they came up with AidCoin application ideas for the local scene.

As many of you know, Puerto Rico is truly advanced in terms of cryptocurrency adoption and taxation, which not only sets a perfect stage for AidCoin adoption but also attracts the best minds of the blockchain sphere to start a local community there. Brock Pierce, whom we met in New York last week, is a compelling example of such person and it was a great opportunity to discuss our upcoming Puerto Rican project with both Brock and Toni, and to explore ways for further cooperation. So let’s see how the story unfolds, perhaps the next big fundraising project on AIDChain will be one for Puerto Rico.

In addition to the Puerto Rico efforts, we are confident that Toni will facilitate AidCoin proliferation among charities in her part of the hemisphere as well as help fundraise for those already committed to working with us. Furthermore, with her wide access to the crypto community and a profound belief in its potential to do good, she is poised to bring more donors to our project, which will benefit everyone involved. So stay tuned, more news to come soon!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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