Partnership with Lastminute Foundation and a new advisor onboard

Has any of you ever felt like dropping everything and darting off to volunteer overseas to help those in need?

Well, Fabio Salvatore, our new advisor and the Fundraising Director of our new partner, Lastminute Foundation (a charity Foundation founded by, publicly traded multinational Group, among the worldwide leaders in the online travel industry, and by its CEO Fabio Cannavale), has. Moreover, at the age of 21, he actually up and set off for a volunteer programme in Uganda which was initially supposed to last 6 months, then 12 months… then 24 months… and eventually 3 years. Devoting himself to helping others was hard and dangerous on times: the civil war was in full swing so he could easily get shot, which is something not all of us would put up with, but it hardly chilled him out. Still, he decided to cut this journey short and here’s why.

Fabio Salvatore with a local family in Uganda

As a volunteer IT teacher in Uganda, Fabio could teach a class of 30 children at a time, and while this activity was satisfactory to some extent, he felt he hit the ceiling. He could not scale this activity and increase the value for the local community so he decided to make a detour that set his philanthropist career in motion.

Instead of applying his teaching skills in a particular classroom, Fabio rose one level up. He used the insights acquired during these 3 years of working in the field and engaging with non-profits as FAO and ISS to make an organization that would help volunteer projects in Uganda grow: attract more funds, host more volunteers, build more schools, teach more students, and consequently, make more people happy. Hence in several years, the 100 students supported by the local charity organization he worked with in the beginning grew into 6,000.

Fabio Salvatore in Uganda
“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” — an old saying

Back in those days, Fabio started embodying the above mentioned proverb in his own peculiar way. Instead of implementing a particular volunteer project with his bare hands, he devoted himself to helping more people volunteer and fundraise. And in some way that’s what he keeps doing nowadays, 15 years down the line. In the lastminute Foundation, he combines the company’s IT and Marketing resources giving other nonprofits tools to gain more exposure and attract more funds (here’s one of the Foundation’s projects), which is very much aligned with what AidCoin is about.

One more fun fact is that Fabio is a user of the CharityStars auction platform, another company co-founded by Francesco. That’s where Fabio won an auction to meet the Founder of group and consequently got his current position. So once AidCoin’s CEO & Co-Founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, ran across lastminute Foundation and recognized the like-mindedness of our visions, his earlier acquaintance with Fabio stood him a good stead.

Fabio Salvatore at the Fundraising Festival Fundraiser’s Got Talent
“ Many people don’t trust charities. And even though it’s impossible to fully eradicate this problem since the ultimate part of it is embedded in the very human-being nature, Aidcoin can make a huge step forward for the whole sector.” — Fabio Salvatore, the Fundraising Director of Lastminute Foundation

After an intense meeting, lastminute Foundation committed to start the cooperation as it sees a big potential in our innovative platform. Fabio, as the Foundation’s representative, will leverage his profound knowledge of IT and a 15-year experience in the non-profit sector, which has brought him numerous connections with top international charity funds and a clear vision of their needs, to help AidCoin grow. Moreover, Fabio has already made some useful introductions to several charities and we’re can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us so keep watching!

P.S. We even took this 3-minute video with Fabio for you to better understand the whole picture, enjoy!

A video interview with Fabio Salvatore, the Fundraising Director of our new partner, lastminute Foundation

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