New to AidCoin? Here are the answers to your questions

AidCoin community is constantly growing and we’re not expecting the newcomers to examine all our website materials or scroll through old Medium posts and Telegram chats. That’s why for those not fully acquainted with the project we decided to make a recap of what we do at AidCoin, why we do it, and how we’re going to overcome challenges popping up on our way to transforming the charity sector.

Below is a recording of the d10e conference pitch of our CEO & Co-founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, from January 2018. In just 9 minutes Francesco explains the subtlest topics of how we will incentivize charities to hold AID instead of exchanging it to FIAT straight away or how we’ll provide traceability of donations once they go FIAT, as well as the most basic aspects:

  • what problems we solve and how we solve them;
  • what functionality will be available;
  • why our product will be widely used by both charities and donors;
  • what is CharityStars and why AidCoin will take over competitors;
  • what is our token economy etc.

Take a look now and get answers to your questions, we’re sure you won’t regret it!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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