Results of the Token Fest in San Francisco

The end of the last week was crowned with success for AidCoin. On March 14 & 15 we took part in the Token Fest in San Francisco and we’re glad to share what these two days gave us.

A panel discussion about the social impact of blockchain and the Red Cross scandal

Token Fest was an exclusive, two day networking event focused on the business and technology of tokenization. It brought together business professionals from blockchain based enterprises including CEO’s, end users, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, regulators, attorneys & developers to network and collaborate on a wide array of topics connected to the token-based economy. Not only were there thousands of attendees from all over the world but also a splendid selection of speakers and senior level thought leaders such as Tim Draper, Kathryn Harrison, the Director of Global Offering Management for IBM Blockchain Platform, Jamie Smith, the Global Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for The Bitfury Group, Ned Scott, the CEO and founder of All of this made Token Fest a perfect stage for spreading the word about AidCoin and exchanging experience with other players from the sphere.

A session with Tim Draper and Adam Draper

Having a booth at the event enabled us to fully leverage the opportunities Token Fest had in store and make the most out of these days. And since networking is the most valuable thing to do at an event where so many like-minded people gathered to synergize, we prepared a brief summary of the most interesting individuals that came over to our booth or bumped into us on some of the sessions. Enjoy!

Let’s start with Chris Fabian, the conference’s speaker who currently leads UNICEF Ventures and is a Principal Advisor in UNICEF’s Office of Innovation. Turned out that he already knew about AidCoin and had even read our entire whitepaper (wow, how many of you have actually done that?😉) and is keen to explore further ways for collaboration.

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, and Christopher Fabian

David Wachsman, our official advisor on PR strategy and Founder & CEO of Wachsman, our PR agency, also came to see us at the booth and discuss some of the future plans. We are aware that not a big part of the crypto community knows about us yet but soon that will change 🚀😉

Francesco and David Wachsman, our official advisor on PR strategy and Founder & CEO of Wachsman

Then came Chris Miess, our official advisor, who is CEO & Founder at ICONIC partners, the leading ICO consulting and investment company in Asia, and the former CFO of TenX, the largest ICO in Asia with $80 mln raised. He is also advising Quantstamp, Gifto, Appscoin and many others succesful ICOs. Chris is a truly experienced professional and just a great guy so we’re happy to have him with us.

Francesco and Chris Miess, our advisor and CEO & Founder at ICONIC partners

Later we had a really interesting acquaintance with Mike Sherbakov, the Founder of the Greatness foundation, a San Diego based charity, and it left both of us very excited. Mike got truly impressed with the AidCoin concept and after a long discussion we came up with some preliminary ideas for collaboration. For instance, one of the projects of the Greatness foundation is building houses for the poor in Mexico with a cost of one house as low as $15k, which is a perfect case for AidChain adoption, especially since the foundation is accustomed to crypto donations as it already accepts BTC.

Francesco and Mike Sherbakov, the Founder of the Greatness foundation

Another person that we luckily had a chance to talk to was one of the speakers of the conference: Patrick Byrne, the CEO and Co-founder of that is currently valued at $1.20 billions.

Patrick Byrne, the CEO and Co-founder of
Being a great philanthropist himself he committed to participate in a charity auction powered by AidCoin saying “Let’s see if I can beat Roger Ver” 😁

AidCoin booth was also visited by the CEO of Ethifinex, one of the exchanges we’re listed on, Katey from Bittrex, Kirsten Stone, the Business Developer of Coinbase, Simon Yu, the CEO of Storm, Jared Harrl who’s in charge of Community Development at Quantstamp, and many other friends of AidCoin. Of course, this is not the full list of people we had a pleasure to talk to and not a whole story of what we’ve been up to during these two days but we shared the most interesting aspects and hope it gave you an overview of the event.

And meanwhile stay tuned, more news are coming soon!

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