Why Ransomware Is A Major Threat

wannacry ransomware attack

5 Critical Steps to Take After a Ransomware Attack

1. Think twice before paying the ransom

2. Zero-down on the ‘Patient Zero.’

3. Restore your operations and limit damage after a ransomware attack

4. Notify regulatory authorities

5. Communicate with clients

5 Key Control Measures To Take To Prevent Future Ransomware Attacks

1. Perform thorough testing

2. Review and update the cybersecurity measures

3. Perform Constant Risk Assessment

4. Revisit your organizational cybersecurity policies, procedures, and guidelines

5. Cybersecurity awareness, education, and training

Final Thoughts

aiden works with UEM tools such as SCCM, WSUS, Intune, BigFix, Kaseya, Autotask, Ivanti, and ManageEngine, to fully automate new builds and patch management — ensuring compliance and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire Windows environment.

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