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Introducing Aidi ␥

Today we’re announcing the launch of Aidi, a venture building platform that provides Africa’s most resilient tech founders with core technical support and access to working capital at the earliest stages of their ventures.

African founders are doing remarkable things and starting game-changing ventures but only a few of these founders have the technical know-how to build companies that scale across multiple markets as well as attract both local and international capital.

Based on in-person surveys conducted by Aidi’s Angel Committee, one in every five early-stage African founder have limited knowledge on how to build, structure and communicate their business message to their target customers, while the rest find it difficult to attract external capital due to limited knowledge on what investors or credit partners expect to see.

Aidi Africa’s Angels came together as founders themselves, to bridge this gap by providing the necessary tools and opportunities for these founders to not only build game-changing products but to also open up opportunities and help them navigate them effectively.

So Far, Aidi has been successful in its goals. Founded in January 2019 as a concept, Aidi’s alumni have gone on to build global startups and raise millions of dollars. For context, here are a few of Aidi Africa’s accomplishments:

  1. Helped 2 Companies build scalable business models and navigate YCombinators W20 & W21 batches.
  2. Helped 6 Companies raise a total of $4.8 Million in the space of 2 years from notable investors in Silicon Valley and across Africa.
  3. Hit a combined venture portfolio valuation of $53 Million from 2019 to date.

What’s Next?

Aidi not only mentors and offers support to resilient venture founders, but has also decided — as a community of founders ourselves, to put our money where our mouth is and provide both equity and credit capital to other technical founders who have shown growth potential to scale quickly and run on a super lean model.

We are offering between $5k — $50k in working capital to founders and be that early-stage investor any amazing founder looks to have on his team.
We believe in Africa and this is why we are unlocking its potential — one founder at a time.

Angels @ Aidi

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