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Aidrivers and CVS Ferrari team up to progress innovation in automated container handling

Aidrivers, the global specialist in AI-enabled autonomous solutions across industrial mobility, and CVS Ferrari, the producer of high-quality and innovative industrial heavy lifting equipment, have agreed to a new strategic collaboration which will focus on the development and refinement of advanced autonomous container handling solutions.

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate as partners and collaborate on autonomous container handling opportunities in this rapidly advancing sector. The cooperation will initially focus on autonomous hybrid and electric empty container handlers.

Aidrivers provides autonomous mobility solutions for industrial mobility automation which optimise clients’ business operations and enable the delivery of efficient and quality services.

CVS Ferrari operates with two factories located in Italy, manufacturing high capacity and container handling lift trucks, reach stackers, forklift trucks, both conventional

thermic and hybrid or electric powered, along with a range of attachments, for intermodal handling and industrial applications.

“Aidrivers and CVS Ferrari will collaborate and bring together our complementary skills, resources and technical knowledge,” said Aidrivers founder and CEO Dr Rafiq Swash. “From Aidrivers’ side, we will bring our unique and innovative AI-enabled autonomous solutions for industrial automation. CVS Ferrari brings to the partnership a track record and reputation for extremely highly reliable and modern machines, built with the highest-quality components, using advanced design, remoted monitoring, diagnostic and maintenance technology. CVS Ferrari is also known to be an industry front runner in the pursual of equipment energy regeneration and recycling, in the convincement that green and free recovered energy represents the future of reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact, whilst slashing total cost of ownership.”

Automation will be critical for successful inland and waterway ports in the future, said Dr Swash. “Aidrivers’ ability to retrofit existing vehicles and equipment will be key for those port operators looking to make the transformation, as well as collaborate with existing OEMs on new vehicles, at a pace that works for them. Automation delivers predictability, reliability and safety in terminal operations.”

Davide Bertozzi, director of Sales and Product Marketing of CVS Ferrari, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Aidrivers in the development of fully autonomous container handlers as they represent the new frontier of efficiency enhancements for logistic operations of any size. This market is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years and CVS Ferrari along with Aidrivers are uniquely positioned to capture a large share of this surging demand. CVS Ferrari’s know-how, focus and product development roadmap represent the ideal platform to combine with Aidrivers advanced technologies and core competences, to give birth to a next generation of green and autonomous container handling solutions. Solutions that will transition the industry in a new era of sustainable, digital and intelligent logistic systems”.



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