Aidrivers and Terberg Tractors Malaysia successfully completed Autonomous terminal truck deployment for yard and wharf operations in mixed traffic at Port of Tanjung Pelepas.

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3 min readMay 31, 2024

Aidrivers, in collaboration with Terberg Tractors Malaysia (TTM), is delighted to announce the successful completion of Phase 2 of autonomous operations of autonomous terminal truck capability demonstration in mixed traffic at the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), a joint venture between MMC Group and APM Terminals. This milestone marked a significant advancement in the integration of autonomous technology into port operations within existing infrastructure and mixed traffic operations, setting a precedence for innovation in the maritime industry.

Major Milestone at Port of Tanjung Pelepas!

Building on the success of Phase 1, Aidrivers and TTM extended the demonstration by undergoing more rigorous tests. This was a joint effort with the application of TTM’s Drive-by-Wire ready diesel terminal tractor along with Aidrivers’ autonomous software solutions featuring AIOS (Vehicle Navigator), AIFO (Fleet Operator) and AISE (Autonomous Simulation) to facilitate the seamless integration of autonomous mobility for ground operation across yard and wharf operations.

TTM CEO Boo Wei Ching said, “In TTM, our mandate is to stay ahead of the available technology and develop a solution for our customers readily to be deployed in their operation. If we can’t do it alone, we join forces with the top tier partner available in the market and offer the most reliable solution to close the gap.

While autonomous operation requires certain level of customization, we encourage our customers who are interested to go autonomous to engage us soonest for a trial project.”

To ensure safety and efficiency of the live autonomous operations deployment, PTP engaged Hamburg Port Consultants (HPC) as a third-party consultant to validate and assess the autonomous terminal truck implementation into existing port operations. The impressive outcomes of the solution prompted Phase 2, enabling more rigorous testing across yard and wharf operations use cases, as well as integrating with PTP’s existing infrastructure.

Aidrivers and TTM expressed gratitude and commended PTP for its invaluable role in the project’s success. PTP committed resources to project implementation and management, and leveraged its extensive operational experience and technical expertise to ensure full integration of the project into its existing infrastructure.

The scope of the autonomous terminal truck operations extended to end-to-end autonomous port operations between the yard and wharf. During the project execution, regular engagements were held with stakeholders to align and commission Aidrivers autonomous software which prepared autonomous terminal truck solution for the scale-up implementation of autonomous operations for live operation domain deployment.

PTP is Malaysia’s largest transshipment hub with the capacity to handle 13 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) annually. The port delivers reliable, efficient, and advanced services to major shipping lines and box operators, providing shippers in Malaysia and abroad extensive connectivity to the global market. PTP is currently ranked 1st among the most efficient port in Southeast Asia; PTP is also ranked 15th in the world for container throughput.

As Aidrivers and TTM are committed to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in port logistics, the stage is set for transformative advancements that will shape the future of maritime operations.

Aidrivers CEO Dr. Rafiq Swash said, “Aidrivers is proud to lead the charge in port automation with our successful Phase 2 demonstration at Port of Tanjung Pelepas. This milestone exemplifies our commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI solutions with TTM’s advanced terminal tractors. Our collaboration with key stakeholders and validation by HPC underscores the safety and reliability of our technology. We are poised for scaling live autonomous deployments, driving efficiency and sustainability in port operations. Aidrivers is dedicated to pioneering transformative advancements in the maritime industry.”



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