AIDrivers enters partnership with B-Robotics in Singapore

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Mar 15 · 4 min read

AIDrivers signs Exclusive Partnership Agreement with Singaporean company, B-Robotics, to share autonomous mobility software for accelerating light-weight and micro robotics for commercial and industrial applications

· London based AIDrivers Ltd designs, develops and delivers Ai enabled autonomous drive software and integrated self-aware solutions to port operators globally.

· B-Robotics Pte Ltd produces light-weight and micro robots with a standardised 5-minute charging Ultra-Capacitor charging system for 24/7 “Robots-as-a-Service” for logistics, security and cleaning of commercial and industrial buildings.

· Together they will cooperate in a joint venture partnership agreement to further develop AIDrivers’ AIOS Autonomous Intelligent Operating System for small robot platforms and solutions to accelerate the robotic adoption for logistics, airport and smart city applications primarily in Asia with a subsequent global rollout.

London, UK, 15 March 2021: AIDrivers and B-Robotics today announce their joint venture agreement in the field of autonomous robotics. AIDrivers is granting use of its Autonomous Intelligent Operating System (AIOS) software to B-Robotics to enable the incorporation and integration of this software into an array of B-Robotics platforms. This will enhance the intelligent path finding of the robotic equipment for indoor and outdoor operations.

AIDrivers’ AIOS software is equipped with precision 3D mapping and localisation to enable vehicles to navigate in mixed traffic within dynamic environments. The operating system combines 3D perception with situation awareness to enable safe autonomous driving.

The AIOS software will be applied to B-Robotics’ ATLAS robotic platform to be deployed in their upcoming family of products S-CARGO (Logistics), S-CLEAN (Cleaning), SPREE (Mobility Aid and Shopping) and SIRobot (Security). These robots uses a standardised and common charging system to provide 24/7 coverage of logistics, security, cleaning and shopping aid services for smart buildings in smart cities. The adoption of the AIOS software will improve the operational efficiency and safety of these B-Robotics products in their operational environments.

AIDrivers is a leading provider of Ai enabled autonomous technology. The proprietary technology combines radar, LiDAR and cameras and is retrofitted to existing truck fleets rendering them fully autonomous. The specialised solutions tailored to industrial needs push the frontiers of efficiency, safety and sustainability. The applications have been trialled and rolled out in ports globally and have further applications in airports and across the logistics chain.

B-Robotics offers a complete range of commercial and industrial building services served by robots using a common cloud-control system and charging infrastructure. Using their proprietary ATLAS CLOUD application, customers are able to provided secured multi-robot fleet management as well as to control their access via Smart lifts and Smart doors.

Dr Rafiq Swash, CEO and Founder of AIDrivers commented:

“AIDrivers has already taken great strides in developing prime movers in the port terminal market. Our technology is already used on larger vehicles such as cranes, trucks and other horizontal vehicles in these maritime and logistics environments. We know that this advanced technology is applicable to other areas of the logistics chain and other industries which are similarly seeking to improve efficiencies and product safety.

We are delighted to work with B-Robotics which has developed a range of high-quality solutions for industry and believe our software will further improve their offering to customers.”

Ben Lim, CEO and Founders of B-Robotics commented:

“We have seen AIDrivers Ai enabled autonomous mobility solutions in operation in ports and have been very impressed with what they have achieved with their autonomous capabilities. With B-Robotics’ expertise in robot design, electronic engineering and charging solution, our products are further enabled by AIDrivers for truly safe and efficient outdoor and indoor operations.

Dr Swash is a thought leader in Ai solutions for the maritime industry and has an international track record in sensing and autonomous technologies. It is natural to partner with AIDrivers to take our B-Robotics suite of products to the next level and offer even better Robots-as-a-Service to our clients.”

About AIDrivers Ltd (

AIDrivers is a UK based Ai enabled autonomous mobility company delivering solutions to ports and logistics globally. The technology is accelerating the transition to autonomous mobility for integrated automation to address industrial challenges, to optimise business operations and to improve quality of service.

About B-Robotics PTE (

B-Robotics is a Singaporean based robot design and manufacturing company focussed on accelerating the shift in industry towards automation. Our products help solve manpower issues by improving efficiency and cost challenges by optimising our clients’ operations by adoption of robots to undertake the repetitive and more menial of tasks. This transition is paving the way for a future with Robots-as-a-Service as a pillar of industrial building and property management.

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At Aidrivers, our mission is to accelerate autonomous mobility and address industrial needs for efficiency and sustainability.

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At Aidrivers, our mission is to accelerate autonomous mobility and address industrial needs for efficiency and sustainability.