Aidrivers Secures Funding to Transform Industrial Transport with its Cutting-Edge Autonomous Mobility Solution

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3 min readJun 10, 2024

Aidrivers, a global leader in autonomous industrial mobility solutions, is pleased to announce an investment from IMC Ventures, Kasikornbank (KXVC), Motion Ventures and Chakra Growth Capital.

The investment takes Aidrivers closer to achieving their mission of accelerating autonomous technology to meet the industrial needs for optimisation, resiliency and safety for a sustainable future.

Aidrivers was founded by Dr Rafiq Swash and is supported by a team of experienced professionals and scientists, dedicated to delivering AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions specifically designed to address the challenging demands of industrial operations with a particular focus on the ports and logistics sector.

Although the idea of automation in ports and logistics sector isn’t novel, Aidrivers sets itself apart by pioneering the effective implementation of autonomous solutions in mixed port operations. These solutions are designed not just for efficiency and productivity, but also for enhancing resilience and sustainability in the face of global logistics challenges such as increasing CO2 emissions, labour shortages, and escalating shipping costs.

The investment from IMC Ventures, KXVC, Motion Ventures and Chakra Growth Capital aligns each investor with their strategic objectives in the logistics sector and further investment from existing investor, NEPA Shipping. This showcases ongoing support, highlighting their strong belief in Aidrivers’ advanced technology and its capacity to revolutionise port logistics.

The latest commitment reflects continuing investor confidence in Aidrivers’ autonomous technology particularly in the optimisation of truck and crane operations to set new industry standards for optimisation, resilience, and safety — standards which are pivotal for a sustainable future in global supply logistics.

Rafiq Swash, founder and CEO of Aidrivers, said: “We are honoured to welcome these prestigious firms to our family. Their investment is a tremendous validation of our strategy in deploying autonomous technology where it is most needed and where it can have a real and measurable impact. This collaboration is not just about advancing technology but also about shaping a sustainable future for global port logistics.”

Axel Tan, Venture Partner of IMC Ventures, said: “We are interested to invest and partner in supply chain applications that drive greater efficiency and safety. Aidrivers’ autonomous solutions has demonstrated traction with key players in the maritime and logistics value chain, and we look forward to their continued growth and success in this space.”

Kampanat Vimolnoht, Managing Director of KXVC, said: “At KASIKORN X Venture Capital (KXVC), we are thrilled to support Aidrivers in revolutionizing the logistics sector, this investment aligns with our vision of fostering innovation for optimization and resiliency in the industry. As a key logistics hub in Southeast Asia, Thailand stands to benefit greatly from integrating Aidrivers’ technology, which will enhance efficiency, productivity, and drive economic growth. We look forward to contributing to Aidrivers’ transformative journey and its positive impact on the region”.

Saiesh Reddy, Managing Partner of Chakra Growth Capital, said: “The autonomous technology developed by Aidrivers is set to revolutionize transportation and port logistics, enabling optimized efficiency and a sustainable future. Their focus on safety, strategic partnerships, and industry leadership makes them a key player in the future of mobility. We are excited to support their transformative journey.”



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