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Enabling the future of clean energy efficiency in ports

AIDrivers ventures into hydrogen

Looking to the future of Ai enabled autonomous vehicles, AIDrivers knows it must strive to reinvent, innovate and push boundaries to develop even cleaner, more efficient technology. Harnessing hydrogen is the next revolution.

Two of the core principles of AIDrivers are sustainability and efficiency. The delivery of economic and environmental sustainability in AIDrivers’ Ai enabled technology comes from constantly endeavouring to transform and improve. A step change in this progress is the new partnership with US company Hyzon Motors Inc to jointly design, manufacture and distribute hydrogen powered autonomous trucks. Autonomous technology and hydrogen are a new paradigm and a game-changer for the industry.

A key output of rendering industrial vehicles autonomous is the overhaul of fuel consumption. Hyper efficient vehicle control derived from the Ai enabled algorithms controlling the movement dynamics, reduces braking and acceleration cutting fuel use up to 30% in current diesel-powered fleets. This has been a vast improvement and welcomed by operators globally to improve fuel efficiencies.

However, hydrogen-powered vehicles smash all these statistics as it is a zero-emission fuel source. Pairing this source of energy with a fully autonomous drive system is the ultimate in resilient and sustainable operations. Energy usage and efficiency are vital for zero carbon heavy vehicles to work for longer operating times.

A conventional development path would opt for the next stage to encompass the development of standard electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional lithium batteries. However, AIDrivers and Hyzon will bypass this to slash emissions entirely. It is a bold step and shows the prescience, forethought and objectivity of AIDrivers and Hyzon to plan and deliver future-proofed vehicles.

Hydrogen can be stored easily and safely and is easy to use. Coupling a hydrogen fuel cell with an electric engine can increase fuel efficiencies two to three times in comparison to a traditional combustion engine run on diesel. The driving range is extended greatly to match current ranges available from regular petrol or diesel engines. The efficiencies offered by hydrogen outstrip the competition.

Overlaying hydrogen with Ai enabled autonomous drive technology is a combination which will provide the ultimate blend of intelligent manoeuvrability, self-aware vehicles running at their optimum and maximum productivity. This is achieved by AIDrivers via the use of their Ai enabled fleet operator system for V2X enabled fleet environments. This is a radical shift change which will reverberate throughout the logistics chain and beyond.

As port and logistics operators are mandated to decarbonise their sites and processes, the introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles is evidently revolutionary and provides a kick-start solution to initiate a huge impact in this area. Indeed, the appetite of operators to adopt more efficient mobility solutions at present reflects their understanding and future commitment to transform ports into a greener less carbon consumptive industry.

Hydrogen-powered Ai enabled autonomous vehicles will soon be a reality with a roll out of fleets scheduled for 2022. This is a real-time working example of enabling technology to ease industrial operations and save our environment.

Autonomous Mobility. Only do better.



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