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Insights on how our Autonomy Engineer fell in love with fast paced technology.

What do you love about your job?

Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever. New developments are making life easier and more fun for people. It makes me feel excited when I think about how much our minds can do. I love being a part of this changing world which requires continuous learning and hard work. Every little contribution in that sense keeps me motivated and satisfied with my job, which is what I love.

What did you love most when studying?

I graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. Like most people, I have good memories about my student life. At that time, computer engineering was seen as THE job of the future. I loved the feeling of being at the beginning of a long career with a lot of expectations and goals. Those were the times when you felt very hungry for learning when almost everything was completely new for you.

What do you love most about the world of robotics?

A few decades ago, life was very different in terms of how much robotics existed in our daily lives. Today, we can see that science fiction movies of the past are becoming our new reality. It is really cool to see that and take part in this transformation.

There has been a rapid development in the field of sensors such as LiDARs and 3D cameras. Today, we can obtain very accurate distance measurements from our environment using a 3D LiDAR with millions of measurements per second. This amount of data gives you the opportunity to understand your environment precisely and exploit technologies like Ai. Although Ai has been around for years, it is only just now stepping properly into our lives. The next decades will be dominated by these technologies and I feel happy and proud to be in a team that paves the way for that future.

What do you love most about Ai enabled autonomous mobility?

When I think about autonomous mobility, as an engineer, the first thing that comes to mind is efficiency, safety and optimization. With all the rapid advancements of Ai, it is becoming possible to accomplish daily operations more accurately without any human interaction. Furthermore, imagining the self-driving cars of the future, it makes me very happy to think about the lives and environment which will be saved due to a reduction in accidents and energy wastage. Currently, one person is killed every 25 seconds because of traffic accidents and industrial sectors waste resources operating below optimal efficiency levels. Autonomous mobility, like most technological advances, will bring safer, more efficient and comfortable lives for humans.

What do you love most outside of work?

I love to watch movies, especially inspiring ones that lift me up. Biographical films are my favourite. I love the magic of cinema. I also love yoga which is a mind-body practice and helps me much to reduce the stress of daily life.



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