TOC Digital Webinar Highlights

The 4th Industrial Revolution in Ports

Aidrivers Editor
Feb 25 · 2 min read


Frank Kho: Kho Management BV

Lamia KERDJOUDJ-BELKAID: Secretary General, Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals

Marcel van de Pol: Program Director, Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA)

Boris Wenzel: Managing Director, Terminal Link

Pat O’Leary: Head of Technology, Port Equipment Manufacturers Association

TOC Digital brought us a series of excellent webinars in 2020 and so it is welcomed to see 2021 start with the cornerstone topic of the digitalisation of ports. This is a very relevant and insightful discussion worth a careful listen by all of us who operate within the port sector.

AIDrivers is very proud of its role in the development of autonomous mobility in ports. A key tenet of the company is the acknowledgement of its responsibility in delivering bespoke solutions to port operators with environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness and resiliency.

Only through this type of discussion and collaboration can we work together to create the solutions needed for ports to make the changes necessary to take advantage of Ai, automation, big data, blockchain and IoT. These are the components of the acceleration driving the fourth industrial revolution. This interconnectivity needs standardisation as without it we are not optimising this new technology. We at AIDrivers are keen to see this type of debate and cooperation offered by TOC Digital to help in the development of ports fit for the future.

Avoiding further fragmentation of data, technologies and processes is widely recognised as a hurdle to success. The creation of the Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 (TIC 4.0) initiative gives a solid foundation to face these problems head on. By identifying and addressing the core problems there is strong hope that we can move towards the necessary standardisation and blending of technologies to create ports for the future.

This collection of emanant port industry leaders offers an insightful discussion on the roadmap to achievement. We look forward to hearing again from this group when they announce their findings later this year.

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