Hello, world!

A little over eighteen months ago, I undertook an academic exercise to see if I could use deep online learning and state-of-the-art NLU to monitor the universe of public information and then use it to predict stock market movement; then, more interestingly, leverage that collected data to automatically generate human-ready market research that can match the quality and readability of research published by professional analysts.

Along this journey, Aiera has made occasional waves:

  1. Predicted (correctly, twice) a temporary downturn of the Facebook stock due in part to the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal.
  2. Predicted (as yet unproven) that Amazon will choose to locate it’s second headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

In the last year, Aiera has expanded and is rapidly learning. She originally covered a mere 13 stocks, but now covers over 1,200 from every market. To date, she has ingested many terabytes of valuable information (over 50,000 unique documents per day) from thousands of sources, including social media, financial blogs, and news media (both text and transcribed video), as well as SEC filings and earnings calls, and fundamental data; and everything else in between. She even tracks and predicts the movements of several top cryptocurrencies, and she has made nearly 10,000 unique forecasts in total (and has been proven accurate over 70% of the time). And, more important than simple accuracy, she has also been able to write human-readable research that can explain her logic and reasoning for each forecast.

Today, after these eighteen months of active development, I am happy to announce that Aiera is just about ready to leave the realm of the purely academic and is about to go mainstream! Alongside some critical early funding and a few amazing new-hires (Elliot Nash as VP of Product Development, and Chad Doerge as President and CRO), we will soon be showcasing Aiera to the world as a standalone entity, always growing!

And, of course, always learning…

Much more to come, (very) soon!

You can learn more at: www.aiera.com

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