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Video: Superintelligence Panel at Beneficial AI 2017 (FLI)

Elon Musk, Demis Hassabis, Nick Bostrom and more answering basic questions with fascinating answers on trajectory of AI

Credit: Video from Beneficial AI 2017 in Asilomar, CA hosted by the Future of Life Institute

Laugh Out Loud Moment

At around 32:14, Elon Musk begins sharing his POV on human’s output bandwidth issues (this is months before the Neuralink announcement), and goes on for more than four minutes dropping terms like ‘meat sticks’ in the process. It’s a fascinating monologue as usual, but when he finally concludes it at 36:50, he’s greeted with a hilariously awkward silence and brutal segue to a new topic. As the last panelist to answer every question, this happens to him frequently, but this one really takes the cake.

More Resources from Beneficial AI 2017

  • For more videos from the conference, you can check out the FLI YouTube page. There are some great talks led by Yan LeCunn, Yoshua Bengio, Nick Bostrom and Jaan Tallinn along with a few others.
  • A set of 23 principles were developed by attendees at the conference this year called the ‘Asilomar AI Principles’. The principles touch on research issues, ethics and values and longer-term Issues. Those principles included were agreed upon by at least 90% of the attendees. To date they’ve been co-signed by nearly 1200 AI and Robotics researches.



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