AIGA UX Small Talks Mutual Mobile Omni-Channel Design Recap

Apr 28, 2017 · 3 min read
Amazing panel, left to right: Dennis Pierce, Frank Ramos, Thaddeus Ternes, Kristin Sheppard & Hal Riley

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to coordinated the second event in my series for AIGA Austin’s Small Talks: UX for New Tech. The topic was Omni-Channel Design.

Our host was Mutual Mobile, a local organization that have been crafting really progressive experiences in the digital world.

We had an amazing diverse panel with industry professionals including:

Frank Ramos: Senior Visual Designer
Kristin Sheppard: Director of Content
Thaddeus Ternes: Consulting Architect
Dennis Pierce: Director of User Experience
and Hal Riley: Chief Creative Officer.

Pre event mingle, with an awesome view, and beer on tap!

The discussion took the participants through the realms of voice assistants, chatbots, VR and the future of technology.

We explore the security and privacy concerns of voice in public environments. The constraints of building these technologies for people with disabilities.

We shared about prospective futures, and what it means for users as artificial intelligence allows us more flexibility on our day to day actions, as well as relinquish us from responsibilities.

with the help of the developers on the panel, we began grasping the behind-the-scenes of these technologies and how actions are turned into information and how it is process in the cloud to eventually provide us with a satisfactory resolution.

And we lightly began pondering the consequences that technologies like VR may positively or negatively affect development in children, and how it may affect us as adults as well. Which began turning my gears into the need of developing a ‘Ethics in Design’ event — In fact, if you would like to see this idea take shape, leave a note below. All ideas and feedback welcome.

Amazing turn out! Thank you all who came out!

As always, deep gratitude to the community of designers that came out to the event to continue having this conversation I am so passionate about.
UX Small Talks format is guided by the community, and it is my aim to bring value to the local Austin design community by creating a space where participants can guide the conversation with the panelists.

For my next event the topic of discussion will be “UX for Integrated Reality”. Stay tuned and save the date August 2nd, 2017.

To keep up with the latest events and details join AIGA’s Austin on Twitter @aigaaustin or sign up to our newsletter at Deep gratitude to all the board members that assisted in putting this together!

I welcome any feedback or ideas, find me on Linkedin or Twitter, or leave a comment below!

Hope to see you all in August!

Oh the joy!

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