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Prejudice. Pain. And Compassion.

A message of solidarity and a call to action from AIGA Chicago

It’s a designer’s nature to question the world. It’s our responsibility to attempt to understand and solve the problems impacting individuals and systems. It’s human nature to console and comfort those around us.

America has witnessed yet another week of unbearable ugliness and violence. We’ve bared witness to incredible — and justifiable — sadness, anger, and unrest. The anguish we see boiling over nationwide is an expression of centuries of systemic racism, bigotry, oppression, and disparity toward Black people and people of color.

In this moment of pain and hopelessness within our country — as bodies fall and buildings burn — it’s natural to want to uncover a solution.

AIGA Chicago stands in steadfast solidarity with Black people and people of color suffering under the oppression and brutality running through our society.

We urge our design community to come together to support the individuals, organizations, and movements already working tirelessly for reform and societal change. They need our support more than ever right now.

It’s our duty as citizens to check in on one another, listen without judgment or solution, educate ourselves, and cease supporting organizations promoting hatred — explicitly or implicitly.

And it’s our moral obligation to remember: while media attention will undoubtedly subside, the fundamental issues impacting our society will not, unless we remain steadfast in our resolve and actions.

AIGA Chicago is always working to embrace, amplify, and advance designers and the role of design in our community. If you have other resources, please share them with us in the comments of this post.




Embrace, amplify, and advance the Chicago design community.

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Antonio García

design leader, public speaker, educator, illustrator, yearly marathoner, occasional beat selector, Head of Design @TableXI, founder & host of @DadwellCo

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